Nioh Isle of Demons Kodama Locations - Where to Find All 9 Collectibles

Isle of Demons is the first mission in Nioh. It’s the one where you fight through a burning village, and end up on a ship, where you clash with Onryuki. There are 9 Kodamas on this map, and getting them will unlock the first few blessings. They’re well hidden, and you’re bound to miss some if you don’t comb the area carefully. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Nioh Kodama locations in Isle of Demons.

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Isle of Demons collectible locations

The first Kodama is only a few steps away from your starting point. Go up the hill, and you’ll find it next to the house with a brazier nearby. It’s hidden behind a wooden cart.

The second one is in the village. It’s next to the courtyard with the large locked gate, where the house with your first demon is. Look for an opening on the side opposite the one you entered the compound. When you exit, turn left and you’ll see it.

The third one is in the burning part of the village, near the coast. It’s on the roof of a house close to the water. It is hidden under some boards, and you can see the ship from the place clearly.

This one is by the water. Go down to the beach. Once you’re in front of the ship, go left. Follow the sea until you hit the cliff, then wade through the shallow water until you find it.

The next Kodama is right next to the shrine. It’s on the wrong side of the fence, though – you’ll have to unlock the shortcut before you can get it. It’s under the tree, by the fence.

While you’re there, you can also pick up this one. It’s on the narrow ledge below the path that leads from the coast up to the shrine.

This one is on the roof of the house next to the watchtower. It’s by the gate that leads to the beach. If you’re coming from the village, it will be the one on the left.

This one is in the grove above the village, past the graveyard. It’s on a rock overlooking the graves, near the wooden shed.

The last one is in the wooded area as well. It’s near the revenant spawn location past the row of children’s statues on the cliff. It’s sitting on a ledge by a tree.

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