Resident Evil hits 3.5m copies sold – still fails to hit target

Resident Evil 7 has proven itself a success this year, whether in the glowing reviews it received, or in the sales. Capcom has announced the numbers, and they have surpassed 3.5m worlwide. Of course, in this day and age this is not enough, as Capcom itself set the sales target at 4m. I guess they are half a million short!

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resident evil 7 chris
The “photorealistic” version of Chris Redfield should be appearing in the RE7 DLC.

Jokes aside, it seems that Capcom learned something from the somewhat lesser success of Resident Evil 6 (although it did manage to pull another million in its PS4 and Xbox One version) whose budget was pumped up considerably. Perhaps someone should notify the big companies that you can do a lot with much less, has anyone noticed the success of Witcher 3?

Resident Evil 7 was a big step in the franchise, moving into the first person and going for a more horror-based approach. The game managed to pick a lot from indie titles that came out in years prior, such as Amnesia or Outlast, while still retaining enough of what made it Resident Evil in the first place.

The free DLC for RE7, dubbed “Not a Hero” was recently postponed due to the desire of the developers to spend some more time working on it. The interesting bit about this DLC is that it should star no other than Chris Redfield, one of the mainstays of the franchise. What exactly is he doing there and why remains to be seen when the DLC actually comes out.

Capcom kept working on their “all games on all platforms” unofficial strategy, with Revelations getting a PS4 and XboxOne release and Code Veronica rumors have been circulating regarding the game’s arrival to PS4 in an as of yet unknown form.