Resident Evil Village Lock Code Workshop

Resident Evil Village Workshop Lock Code is a safe that you can find in the village, and you need to figure out the code to unlock it. The game gives you a pretty easy clue as to where the Workshop Lock Code in RE8 is. However, you can easily miss that hint. Moreover, even when you find it, you might have trouble figuring out how exactly to see the code. Well, we’re gonna clear things up with this guide.

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resident evil village lock code workshop
Resident Evil Village Lock Code Workshop

Workshop Lock Code Resident Evil Village

The Resident Evil Village workshop lock code can be found by simply looking out the window to the right. On the window itself, you’ll see the numbers 04 painted on in yellow. To the right of it, you’ll see the numbers 08 on the gray tarp. So, there’s two more numbers to find. Well, the numbers 07 are painted in white on the wall to the left. You just have to position yourself correctly and take a good, close look through the window. No, closer. Come closer to the window. Really take a nice, long look.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Anyways, yeah, the code is 070408. Enter it into the lock and pop the safe open. Inside, you’ll find the M1911 pistol, as well as the jack handle. You’re gonna need the latter on your quest to find the house with the red chimney. So, that’s the Workshop Lock Code in Resident Evil Village. In case you don’t know were it is, you can find it in the east of the village, behind a locked gate with a big “do not enter” sign. Break the padlock with your knife, then go into the workshop on the left.

If you’re still having trouble with the Resident Evil 8 workshop lock code, you can check out our video below. If there’s something else that you can’t figure out, feel free to browse our expanding list of RE Village guides. Among others, we’ve got Courtyard Items, Labyrinth Puzzles, and many more.