Resident Evil Village Crystal Torso

Resident Evil 8 Crystal Torso are valuable items that you can earn by defeating specific enemies. You can get at least one Crystal Torso relatively early in the game, while you’re still getting your bearings. That being the case, some of you might be wondering where to find Crystal Torsos and what to do with them when you get your hands on them. Well, we’ll be covering both points in our Resident Evil Village Crystal Torso guide.

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resident evil village crystal torso
Resident Evil Village Crystal Torso

Where to Find Crystal Torso in Resident Evil Village

To find the Crystal Torso in Resident Evil 8, you need to defeat the Dimitrescu sisters. Each one that you defeat turns into dust and leaves behind one torso; in other words, there are a total of three you can get. As far as we can tell, they are the only enemies that you can obtain this item from. Now, don’t be afraid, you can’t really miss them. In our experience, you have to battle the sisters one by one in order to progress. Besides, even if you do manage to avoid fighting one of the sisters, the torsos don’t do that much, as we’re about to see. Just keep in mind that the fights get progressively tougher.

What to Do With Crystal Torso in Resident Evil 8

The only thing you can use the Resident Evil Village Crystal Torso for is selling it to the Duke. You can get 5,000 Lei for each torso you sell, which is a solid chunk of change, especially early in the game. This is basically the case with all crystal items, be it skulls and other body parts, weapons, and so on. Granted, some of these items give you significantly more cash than the torsos, but they are much more difficult to obtain.

For example, every labyrinth puzzle rewards you with a rare skull that you can sell for a lot of money. If you wanna learn more about that, check out our Labyrinth Puzzle guide. You can also take a look at our other Resident Evil 8 guides, like Courtyard Items & Treasure and Where to Find Luthiers Key.

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