Resident Evil Village Dagger of Death Flowers

RE8 Dagger of Death Flowers is an item that you can find in Castle Dimitrescu, and you are told that it is really good for dispatching monsters. Considering your overall situation, that sounds like the kind of weapon to have. However, the game doesn’t let you know where this dagger is, and how to get it. In our Resident Evil Village Dagger of Death Flowers guide, we’re going to discuss precisely those points.

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resident evil village dagger of death flowers
Resident Evil Village Dagger of Death Flowers

RE8 Dagger of Death Flowers

The first sign of the Dagger of Death Flowers in Resident Evil Village is in a note midway through exploring Castle Dimitrescu. After you ring the five bells, the giant portrait of Lady Dimitrescu will move out of the way and reveal a secret passage and a ladder. Head up the ladder and into the rafters. As you explore the area, you’ll find a treasure map, as well as a note about the aforementioned Dagger of Death’s Flowers, which can apparently kill monsters. That sounds like something you could use, right?

So, where do you find the RE8 Dagger of Death Flowers? Well, you just need to play the game. Explore the castle to find the four masks and place them on the statues in the Hall of the Four. After you place the last one, the Mask of Pleasure, you’ll open the door behind the statues, leading to the west. I’d recommend visiting the merchant before continuing. After you’re done with that, head west into the Tower of Worship. Open the coffin and pick up the dagger.

As far as we know, that’s the Resident Evil Village Dagger of Death Flowers. There’s no other item that would fit the description. That’s why it’s such a shame that it’ll get knocked out of your hand in the ensuing “scuffle.” To the best of our knowledge, that’s the last you’ll ever see of that knife. If I’m wrong about that, please, let me know in the comments. I too would love to get it back.

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