Wrath of the Druids not working - AC Valhalla DLC Release Date & Time

The Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wrath of the Druids DLC is right around the corner, and people are wondering when they can start to play the new content. While Ubisoft have revealed the AC Valhalla Ireland DLC release date, there are some problems with the launch time, since AC Valhalla DLC is not working and players can’t download the Wrath of the Druids. So, what is the AC Valhalla DLC release schedule exactly? Well, we’ll try to answer that in our Wrath of the Druids – AC Valhalla DLC Release Date & Time article.

wrath of the druids ac valhalla ireland dlc release date & time
Wrath of the Druids – AC Valhalla Ireland DLC Release Date & Time

AC Valhalla Wrath of the Druids DLC Release Date & Time

The Wrath of the Druids AC Valhalla Ireland DLC release date is Thursday, May 13th. As for the release time of the DLC, that is unfortunately still unknown at the time of writing. What we do know is that, most of the time, new content in Valhalla comes out around 4PM Central European time / 10AM Easter Time / 7AM Pacific Time. This is just conjecture on our part, of course, so please take this with a grain of salt. We’ll try and update the article once we get more concrete info.

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Why Ubisoft is being so cagey about the AC Valhalla DLC release schedule, I don’t know. As for the other DLC, The Siege of Paris, we know even less about. All that has been released so far is that it’s coming at some point of this summer. At least we know what to expect from the Wrath of the Druids DLC. You’ll be able to explore Dublin and several large provinces, find a new type of dual-wield weapons (Sickles), unlock new abilities and skills, fight new enemies (including Drengr, Cultists, Irish warriors), and much more.

That’s all we know about the AC Valhalla Wrath of the Druids DLC release date and time at the moment. We’ll be covering the new content in detail, like we did with the base game. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Ubisoft have revealed the launch times for the DLC, across several regions and different platforms, as you can see below. The announcement has come via Twitter. However, it seems that it still hasn’t begun in Australia, even though it should have. So… good luck, I guess.

release date & time ac valhalla wrath of the druids ireland dlc
Wrath of the Druids launch times

How to start & download Wrath of the Druids AC Valhalla DLC

A lot of players reported that they can’t play Wrath of the Druids expansion, because there are some problems with AC Valhalla DLC download. If you are a Playstation player there might be a solution for you. According to reddit user u/juventinosochi, you should go to PS store main page –> Add-ons –> choose Wrath of the Druids picture and then you will be able to download it. On the other hand, after reading some responces from Ubisoft support, it looks like they’ll need more time to fix everything.

There is also a Season pass download solution for Xbox players – in order to start the download players need to go into their console storage or game manager and delete the file for the Beowulf quest. Next time you try to download it’ll be finally there. Thanks William for the tip!

how to start wrath of the Druids AC Valhalla DLC

If you need help with anything else in the game, we've got a metric ton of other guides for you to check out. For example, we've written AC Valhalla Hidden Ones Armor Set Locations - Ratae Bureau Armor & Londinium Bureau Key for quest A Brief History of The Hidden Ones, that will reward you with the Hidden Ones armor. We can also help with whether you want to let Rued Live or Die - Kill or Spare Rued Choice Consequences, or who to give silver to in AC Valhalla War Weary quest , and a well hidden AC Valhalla Comb location for Bil Maiden's Missive Rygjafylke World Event. Puzzle that caused us big problems was Unseal The Well during the quest Well Traveled. And, yes, we do have many more coming, stay tuned.

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