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Resident Evil Village Cooking Ingredients: Meat, Quality Meat, Fish, Finest Fish, Poultry and Juicy Game are necessary to craft various recipes that increase your health and speed, as well as decrease the damage you take. There are six different recipes that you can make after you unlock the Duke’s Kitchen. That happens once you reach the village for the second time and shortly after you complete the House with the Red Chimney objective. In our Resident Evil Village Meat, Fish, Poultry, Cooking Ingredients – Dukes Kitchen guide, we’ll show you how to cook in Resident Evil 8 Village, as well as where to find all the necessary ingredients.

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Resident Evil Village Meat FIsh Poultry Cooking Ingredients Dukes Kitchen
Resident Evil Village Meat, Fish, Poultry, Cooking Ingredients – Dukes Kitchen

How to Cook in Resident Evil Village

To cook in Resident Evil Village, you need to collect and give the necessary ingredients to the Duke. You do this by going through the recipes at the merchant, picking the one you find the most useful, and selecting it. This will take you to the Resident Evil Village ingredients section. Go through the ingredients and add the amounts necessary for the chosen recipe, and confirm. If you’ve given the Duke all the necessary ingredients, the dish will be marked as completed. All that’s left to do is wait for the Duke to prepare your meal and eat it. Unfortunately, you can only eat any given dish once per playthrough, so enjoy the moment.

  1. Herbed Fish Ingredients: 3x Fish; 2x Poultry – health slightly increases
  2. Bird and Beast Pilaf Ingredients: 4x Poultry; 1x Meat – damage taken when guarding decreases
  3. Three-Flavored Mititei Ingredients: 4x Fish; 2x Poultry; 3x Meat – health increases
  4. Tochitura de Pui Ingredients: 4x Poultry, 3x Meat, 1x Juicy Game – health greatly increases
  5. Ciorba de Porc Ingredients: 1x Fish, 5x Meat, 1x Quality Meat – damage taken when guarding greatly decreases
  6. Sarmale De Peste Ingredients: 6x Fish, 1x Finest Fish – movement speed increases

Resident Evil Village Meat & Quality Meat

Meat and Quality Meat Resident Evil Village cooking ingredients drop from different animals. You get Quality Meat from a white pig located near Luiza’s House, in the southeast of Fallow Plot. This is the part of the village where you’ve met the daughter and father earlier in the game. From their house, go through the window towards the well, and you’ll find the white pig there.

As for the regular meat, we’ll have to hunt down goats and black pigs. These animals appear in numerous locations. You can check your map for their exact places as you explore. As it turns out, some of them are locked behind story progression, so be sure to check the map for animals every so often.

Resident Evil 8 Poultry

Poultry in Resident Evil 8 drops from chickens found all around the village on your second visit. Even if you don’t notice them, which is hard as they are rather loud, the game will mark them on your map. Once you kill all the chickens in a given area, the mark on the map will get crossed out. That’s your signal that there’s no more Poultry Resident Evil Village cooking ingredients to be found at that location.

There are at least three chicken locations around the village. One is just east from the church in the east of the graveyard after you unlock the gate. The second is in the vicinity of the house with the red chimney south from Maiden of War, and the last one in is an alley in the southwest of Fallow Plot.

Resident Evil Village Juicy Game

The Juicy Game Resident Evil Village ingredient comes from the rare blue bird in the second visit to the Village. This comes shortly after you exit the castle. To hunt for this bird, go to the Maiden of War and proceed to the northwestern part of the Graveyard. On the tallest tree, look for the large branch that is closest to the ground, and you’ll spot the blue bird. After you take it down, go to where it fell, and collect the Juicy Game. There is only the one, but there is also only one recipe that requires the ingredient The recipe increases your health greatly once eaten.

Fish & Finest Fish RE8

RE8 fish and finest fish are relatively rare Resident Evil Village ingredients, just because they can only be found in six specific locations. On top of that, the Finest Fish only appears in one pond that’s way off the beaten path. Getting there requires you to get a crank, lower a drawbridge, and sail a boat all the way south until you find this one, remote place. In the image below, you’ll see all six fishing locations in Resident Evil 8. If you need further assistance, check out our Fish Locations – Finest Fish guide for more detailed help.

fish locations resident evil village
RE Village fish locations
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