State of Decay 2 Login Failed Error - Can't Launch Game

State od Decay 2 login failed is one of the more common issues players are experiencing with the game. It’s hopefully something the day one patch will fix, but until then, many people will be complaining that they can’t launch the game. There are several things you could try if you run into this error, but none of them are guaranteed to work. In this guide, we’re going to show you how you can try fixing the State of Decay 2 login failed error.

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state of decay 2 login failed error can't launch game
State of Decay 2 Login Failed Error – Can’t Launch Game

Can’t launch State of Decay 2

The issue presents itself either as an error message that stops you from progressing beyond the welcome/intro screen, or as a complete inability to launch the game. In case of the former, restarting the game sometimes helps. You should try to restart your PC or console either way, since it would cross out a bunch of possible sources. If none of those helps, you can try downloading the game again. It’s a time consuming fix, and even that isn’t guaranteed to help, but it’s worth a try. Other than that, all you can do is wait for Undead Labs to upload a patch. They’re probably already working on one, so it shouldn’t take long.

This isn’t the only issue players are currently having with the game. A lot of folks are having trouble finding the Doomsday ultimate edition bonus items, or starting coop and playing with friends, or even disabling bothersome effects like motion blur and depth of field. Since the game hasn’t properly launched, and this is a kind of early access version, it’s quite possible we’re all playing an older build. All shall be revealed on May 22nd, which is when the game will launch for real, and there will be no excuses for things not working as intended.

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  1. C

    I have been waiting so long to play this game then I get this bug. I downloaded the game 5 times and it still didnt work. I am just stuck in the login failed screen its not giving me any option to even choose a profile on PC

    1. S

      i fixed it by changing the compatability to windows 8

      1. E

        Yeah how do you even get the option to run it in comparability mode. I cant right click and get properties or even access the game files.

    2. D
      DR. BROOKS

      It’s the perfect day for it though, on a god d Friday night.

    3. L

      this is nothing more than a Microsoft UAC issue , I bought the game last year it worked, soon as I disabled uac I got issues, saved games could not be retrieved updates error, and its not as simple as reenabling uac, it pooches the whole game ,only fix I found was reinstalling windows on a new formatted drive, worked fine for 3 days till I made a mistake of not reenabeling uac before I launched the game and fucked it all up again ,Microsoft and undead labs are zombies as to there help, fuck them both.

  2. J
    Jonatan Saraiva

    I’m getting the same error. Click to start the game on pc, the game opens with the tilte and closes itself.

    1. P

      Same here. Microsoft ignored my reports. No help from them nothing.

      1. R

        Did you get it working yet? same happened to me

        1. S

          Hi guys, try downloading the Xbox Identity Provider from the link below via the app store. Then sign in using your Xbox app on windows ten. this will fix all your problems.

        2. G

          Me too, opens to the SoD2 logo then shortly after closes to desktop without so much as an error code. I’ve tried everything (I think…) outside of a fresh install of windows 10. If anyone finds a fix please let us know.

          1. G

            Ok, got mine working but your not gonna like it. Full factory reset Windows 10. Didn’t keep any existing files and wiped all drives (backed them up first of course). Worked for me best of luck to everyone.

    2. B

      Disable your firewall specifically for state of decay 2.

  3. F

    Same here.. i launched game.. but stuck at login screen.. it keeps asking me for a login name to continue.. there’s no option to make a profile either..

    1. S

      You guys can fix this problem by downloading the Xbox Identity Provider from the app store. Then sign into the xbox app and you will be able to play via that profile. hope this helps guys.

  4. S

    Yeah I got the same… Failed Login…. Updating windows and drivers also does not help 🙁

  5. E

    I think I may have figured something out! I won’t be able to test it until the morning but if you all are having this issue, double check that you can log into your Xbox Live Account through the Xbox PC App. If it freezes, gets stuck, or gives you an error before selecting an account, then this must be the problem, its something I noticed I also had issues with.

    1. E

      Hey everyone, I fixed my game! Turns out the issue wasn’t on SOD2’s side but my own, the reason the game couldn’t connect to my Xbox Live Account was due to my computer missing required Microsoft programs related to online game accounts. I noticed this when I couldn’t even use the Xbox App on my computer. I followed an online forum from Microsoft that helped me reinstall whatever missing programs I didn’t have without tracking them all down one by one. Follow the instructions in the first comment in the link below and be sure to carefully read every word! The process laid out in the first comment 100% fixed my game. Best of luck.

  6. R

    It won’t let me launch to the game ether

  7. H

    I had to fresh reinstall window to my harddrive for it to work. 1st It said “login failed couldn’t find saved game” every time I was in the game at the main menu screen and it said push any key to begin. I uninstalled the game and tried to reinstall and then when I hit the install button on the Microsoft store to reinstall it wouldn’t let me install and continued to say “something happened on our end,try again later” but never work. Now I have my fresh windows reinstalled and did not link my Microsoft account to my pc account and i can play. What a headache, I also called Microsoft while I was having the issue and they were no help, they told me to wait until the full release and see if it works ,so I paid extra not to be able to play early.

  8. G

    So, just checking Xbox Live status, there are currently some games, including State of Decay 2, that are reportedly experiencing problems. No further information as to what problems they’re experiencing, but this may be the cause of this.

    I too don’t get any further then the State Of Decay 2 splash screen at startup. I’ve tried restarting the xbox, and also clearing the cache, and neither has helped me so far.

  9. L

    Have any of you gone into MSConfig and turned off your XBox boot apps prior to these errors?

  10. P

    I received the error on my pc. I closed the game, and then launched the xbox app. Waited for it to load and see all my info. Went back and launched the game. No other issue. Good luck, hope it works for you.

  11. D

    GUYS this is a easy fix, You must turn on all your services for xbox!!, You can set it up to manual but it must be on

    1. M

      witch server ander wehere i turn them on???

      1. M

        *witch services

  12. N
    Nick Crivaro

    Does anyone have a VPN running by chance?

  13. L

    Login Failed Save games could not be retrieved state of decay 2
    fresh install , screwed like this once before with micro store, aint no damn way im reinstalling win 10 again to play this shit

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