State of Decay 2 Login Failed Error - Can't Launch Game

State od Decay 2 login failed is one of the more common issues players are experiencing with the game. It’s hopefully something the day one patch will fix, but until then, many people will be complaining that they can’t launch the game. There are several things you could try if you run into this error, but none of them are guaranteed to work. In this guide, we’re going to show you how you can try fixing the State of Decay 2 login failed error.

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state of decay 2 login failed error can't launch game
State of Decay 2 Login Failed Error – Can’t Launch Game

Can’t launch State of Decay 2

The issue presents itself either as an error message that stops you from progressing beyond the welcome/intro screen, or as a complete inability to launch the game. In case of the former, restarting the game sometimes helps. You should try to restart your PC or console either way, since it would cross out a bunch of possible sources. If none of those helps, you can try downloading the game again. It’s a time consuming fix, and even that isn’t guaranteed to help, but it’s worth a try. Other than that, all you can do is wait for Undead Labs to upload a patch. They’re probably already working on one, so it shouldn’t take long.

This isn’t the only issue players are currently having with the game. A lot of folks are having trouble finding the Doomsday ultimate edition bonus items, or starting coop and playing with friends, or even disabling bothersome effects like motion blur and depth of field. Since the game hasn’t properly launched, and this is a kind of early access version, it’s quite possible we’re all playing an older build. All shall be revealed on May 22nd, which is when the game will launch for real, and there will be no excuses for things not working as intended.

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