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Seaside Kingdom has 52 Power Moons and 19 additional ones you unlock with Super Mario Odyssey Moon Rocks. This level is very colorful and relaxing to look at, but that does not mean getting all those moons will be all fun and games. Arguably one of the hardest moons to get is located here. Beach volleyball minigame has been the bane of many Odyssey players. Still, we’ll try and provide you with helpful tips on how to collect all moons in the Seaside Kingdom so you can unlock all the bonus end game content and costumes. As with previous guides we assume you finished the main story for the kingdom. We’ll provide info about fast travel flags, as they are crucial for our explanations.

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In case you need assistance with any of the other kingdoms, we’ll help you find all Power Moons in Cascade, Sand, Lake, Wooded, Lost, and Snow Kingdom.

Seaside kingdom moon locations map super Mario odyssey power moons
Seaside Kingdom Moons Locations – click to see the full size map

Seaside Kingdom Story Moons

Main villain is sucking all the Sparkle Water in Bubblain and it is your job to stop him. You do this by unblocking 4 seals and defeating the boss. To unblock each of the seals you need to capture a power moon in its vicinity. Capturing Gushen enemies is crucial for all the main story quests.

#1 The Stone Pillar Seal – Capture a Gushen and propel yourself on top of the stone pillar a bit northwest of the Odyssey.
#2 The Lighthouse Seal – Enter the well next to the lighthouse. Once through the underwater tunnel you’ll be at the top, collecting this moon.
#3 The Hot Spring Seal – Lava covered island to the northeast can be cleared by Gushen water streams. This unveils an underwater moon that unlocks the seal.
#4 The Seal Above the Canyon – Go up the path avoiding falling rocks. Once at the top you will see the moon and the seal.
#5 The Glass is Half Full! – Defeat the octopus boss by capturing a Gushen and clearing the lava on top of its head. When its top starts shining you can jump smash into it. Keep using Gushen and smashing into its forehead to dispose of the nasty critter.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon Locations

Checkpoint flags are an easy way for you to move around Odyssey kingdoms. Before you go power moon hunting you might want to unlock some or all of them. Our explanations also heavily rely on these nice landmarks. Here’s how to get some of them. While on your way to defeating the boss you should have unlocked Lighhouse, Hot Spring Island, Rolling Canyon, Above Rolling Canyon and Glass Palace fast travel flags. If you go directly west of the Odyssey you should find the Beach House flag next to the volleyball tournament and a locked house. Going north of the lighthouse, past the well you entered to get to the top of the lighthouse, is the Ocean Trench West flag. It is located underwater, east of the well. Ocean Trench East is also underwater, but close to Hot Spring Island (search northwest of it).

#6 On the Cliff Overlooking the Beach

Look at the cliffs south of Odyssey and you should see the moon. Capture a Gushen and use its downward stream to reach the high shelves.

#7 Ride the Jetstream

In between the Odyssey and Beach House flag there’s a cave entrance. Capture the nearest Gushen and enter the cave. Use jetstreams to collect the moon.

#8 Ocean-Bottom Maze: Treasure

There are four green warp pipes found underwater between the Glass Palace and the Lighthouse flags. Enter the bottom left pipe (when looking from the Glass Palace flag and south to north) and go all the way to the left of the 2D screen. Looks like there’s and opening there, but there are invisible blocks there you need to head smash to create a way towards the moon. Exit the maze and swim to the top right pipe entrance. Move left, jumping over two green turtles and using the newly crated path reach the moon in the middle.

Ocean-Bottom Maze Treasure

#9 Ocean-Bottom Maze: Hidden Room

Enter the bottom right green warp pipe for the same maze as the moon above. You need to hit the red Koopa, patrolling a bit above the entrance, and kick its shell to the left. This should break the rock block that was hiding the entrance into the hidden chamber with a power moon in it.

Ocean-Bottom Maze Hidden Room

#10 Underwater Highway Tunnel

From Ocean Trench West head west until you reach the three Cheep Cheeps patrolling a tunnel entrance. Inside the tunnel you will see a brick square on the ocean floor. Smash through it to get your collectible.

#11 Shh! It’s a Shortcut

Head south from Ocean Trench East flag, preferably capturing a fish along the way. You should see an entrance into a small tunnel. Go along the underwater tunnel to find the moon in its middle.

#12 Gap in the Ocean Trench

From Ocean Trench East flag swim west along the ocean floor. (Capture a Cheep Cheep for unlimited air supply). Ocean floor should dip significantly. Stay close to its northern wall while swimming downwards and you should spot an opening in the wall. Follow the tunnel down to the moon. For the exact location of the entrance look at the spot marked on our large map above.

#13 Slip Through the Nesting Spot

Go directly north of Hot Spring Island flag and dive into the waters bellow. You should spot a big eel like creature (these are called Maw-Rays) snapping out of a cavern. You need to wait for it to start retracting into its hole and follow it into the small cavern. There’s a secret passageway to the right that holds the prize.

#14 Merci, Dorrie!

Purple dinosaur holding the cap store on its back is swimming in the vicinity of Hot Spring Island flag. Its name is Dorrie by the way. There’s a moon attached to its underbelly, so feel free to dive in and pluck it.

#15 Bonjour, Dorrie!

Another day, another Dorrie rewarding power moons. Look for a yellow dinosaur swimming around the Lighthouse. You need a Gushen and its water jetstreams to reach the moon high above yellow Dorrie. You can also capture Glydon at the lighthouse and glide into the moon from above.

#16 Under a Dangerous Ceiling

From Ocean Trench East go southwest towards the spot where there are lots of see weeds hanging upside down. They are clinging to the bottom of the island above them. There is a small sand spot there that should be glowing. Ground smash it to receive the moon.

#17 What the Waves Left Behind

Go north from Rolling Canyon flag hopping across small rocky islands. One of the islands has a small circular pool on it. Ground pound jump into the middle of it to reveal the collectible. Refer to the spot marked on our big map above.

#18 The Back Canyon: Excavate!

From Rolling Canyon flag go east-southeast and follow the shoreline along the cliffs. Once you hit the end of the road swim around the corner of the cliff extruding into the sea and you should see more land and rotating spike shells. There are also some ledges here you should hop onto. Keep going up until you reach the first rotating spike shell on the ledge. There’s a glowing spot in the ground you need to ground smash to get the prize. Again – looking at the big map above should be helpful.

#19 Bubblaine Northern Reaches

This one was weird. At the spot marked on the big map above you should see three small sand patches in a triangle shape and a big sand patch in the middle. (from Ocean Trench East go west, but don’t go into the deep end of the trench, but rather move along the top of its northern wall). I tried hitting the middle to no avail. Turns out you need to ground pound each of the small sand patches, defeating see weed enemies each time, and that will make the middle patch glow. To know which small patch to hit first you should look at them closely, because one of them will glow slightly. Finally you can get the moon by smashing the middle sand mound.

19 Bubblaine Northern Reaches

#20 Wriggling on the Sandy Bottom

Drop down into the ocean north of the Lighthouse. There are two Cheep Cheeps patrolling an entrance into a short tunnel. At the bottom of the tunnel are red doors you should enter. Inside you’ll see something wriggling in the sand bottom (wink wink). You need to hit it with Cappy so you can perform a ground pound jump. Refer to our map above for exact location.

#21 Glass Palace Treasure Chest

There’s an underwater tunnel under the Glass Palace. About middle of the way is a treasure chest with a moon inside. Get a Cheep Cheep to get there without worrying about your air supply.

#22 Treasure Trap Hidden in the Inlet

In between the Odyssey and the Beach House is a small sea channel meeting the rock face. There is an obvious underwater passageway. This takes you to a cave with four chests. Open the chests in the following order to get the moon – top, left, right, bottom.

#23 Sea Gardening: Inlet Seed

Unlike in other kingdoms where seeds were in the same place and pots were all over, in Seaside all the pots are on the roof of the Beach House and seeds are scattered. Go east from Beach House flags toward the little sea channel between Odyssey and Beach House. You should see the inlet seed at the sea bottom. Note that for the seed to grow you need to water it. To do so capture a nearby Gushen and its water jet stream will help you water the plant. Same thing goes for the next three moons.

Sea Gardening Inlet Seed

#24 Sea Gardening: Canyon Seed

From the Rolling Canyon flag go along the east shore towards south. Keep going even when the beach runs out because behind the cliff is more land and some ledges with rotating spikes. Go up the ledges all the way to the topmost one. Seed is in the corner there.

24 Sea Gardening Canyon Seed

#25 Sea Gardening: Hot-Spring Seed

From Hot Spring Island flag drop east, next to a Gushen. Seed is almost in the water. The trick is getting it to the pots. It is lucky that the seed won’t drop from Mario’s hands even if you sink to the bottom. Still, you can jump on water and not sink, that way getting to the Beach House without worrying about your air supply.25 Sea Gardening Hot-Spring Seed

#26 Sea Gardening: Ocean Trench Seed

From Ocean Trench East flag go toward the Lighthouse, through the deep end of the trench. There is a Sphynx statue at the bottom that gave you the riddle. Seed is on one of the strange blue sea plants there.

26 Sea Gardening Ocean Trench Seed

#27 Seaside Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

From Hot Spring Island go a bit south. Refer to the pin on our big map above for the exact location. You should see an opening in the sea floor and a big red button at the very bottom. Smash the button and enter the green warp pipe. You challenge is to go across the platforms in this 2D mini level before the timer expires.

Seaside Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

#28 Seaside Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

Go north of Glass Palace flag. There’s a scarecrow on the sea floor, on the east side of the deep trench. Once you “capture” it the challenge starts. Your goal is swim to the moon that just spawned. Trick is to use Water Dash move to be as fast as possible and avoid the patrolling enemies.

#29 Found on the Beach! Good Dog!

There’s a dog having some beach fun near the Odyssey. He’ll start sniffing around, when you approach him, searching for something important. He’ll find some coins at first, but after that he will start following Mario. Lead him west, towards the Beach House, and when you approach the sea channel he should start sniffing again, finding a power moon this time around.

#30 Moon Shards in the Sea

From the Rolling Canyon flag go east into the sea. You should come across a scarecrow next to a big round hatch. Throw Cappy to open it and inside you’ll have to pick up five moon shards, while avoiding eel-like enemies.

#31 Taking Notes: Ocean Surface Dash

Just a few steps north of the Beach House flag is a Music Key that starts note collecting challenge. Notes are in a straight line across the water and to get them all in time you will need to git one of the flowers on the beach that will give you a rocket boost. Line up in a straight line and pick all the notes up in dizzying speed.

#32 Love by the Seaside

Go to the Rolling Canyon flag and you’ll notice a few Goombas walking around. Capture one and make a stack of five. Move up the canyon to the south, where the rolling rocks are coming down the hill. While avoiding the spiky rocks approach the first ledge and you should see a Goombette there. She’ll reward the moon if you approach her while possessing a stack of Goombas.

#33 Lighthouse Leaper

At the top of the Lighthouse is a Glydon. You need to capture him and glide down to the Glass Palace aiming for a little snail creature there. He should reward you with a moon once you land next to him.

#34 Good Job, Captain Toad!

To find Captain Toad you will need to reach a ledge high above the Above Rolling Canyon flag. This can’t be done with regular jumps, so you will have to be creative. From the Rolling Canyon flag go to the sea east and capture a Gushen. You need to travel with the Gushen through the canyon with rolling rocks. There are two ledges along the way that have small pools of water where you recharge your Gushen’s water supply, which allows you to keep moving with the captured creature. Once you reach the spot where the rolling rocks come out of you need to reach the edge above wooden crates. From there it is just a small jetstream voyage to captain Toad’s ledge. Release the Gushen and wait for it to respawn and captain will talk to you.

#35 Ocean Quiz: Good!

From East Trench Flag go west into the deep ends. You should see the Sphynx statue in the middle of the ocean floor. To get this moon you will have to answer all 5 questions correctly. First good answer rewards power moon #40 inside the vault bellow Sphynx. The answers to Sphynx riddles in Seaside Kingdom in order are: 1. Bubblaine, Four, Attack, Resort Outfit and To ask questions.

#36 Shopping in Bubblaine

Purchase the power moon in Crazy Cap shop that is on the back of a traveling yellow Dorrie, hanging out in the vicinity of the Lighthouse.

#37 Beach Volleyball: Champ

Arguably one of the hardest moons to get in the game are those rewarded for beating the Beach Volleyball mini game (that and jump rope challenge in Metro). From the Beach House flag gowest and enter the volleyball court. Snail throws the ball at you and you need to touch it with Mario or throw cappy at it to return it. You need to return it 15 times for this moon. Ball throwing gets faster after a few throws. Getting the first 15 is easy enough. It is the 100 throws that is painstakingly difficulty.

#38 Beach Volleyball: Hero of the Beach!

You need to play the beach volleyball minigame until you return the ball 100 times. Good luck!

#39 Looking Back in the Dark Waterway

Remember during the main story mission in Seaside when you had to enter a well to reach the Lighthouse top? You need to enter that well again. Once inside capture one of the Cheep Cheep fishes. Swim down the tunnel until you reach the first group of 3 Cheep Cheep patrolling a passageway. Look left just as you get past them and you should see the moon inside an alcove.

Looking Back in the Dark Waterway

#40 The Sphynx’s Underwater Vault

Moon is obtained once you answer the first question Sphynx, described in Power Moon #35, gives you. Enter the room bellow him to get this one.

#41 A Rumble on the Seaside Floor

Go inside a green warp pipe found on the rock face southwest of the Odyssey. (As marked on the big map above). You need to ground pound jump areound until you find the moon. Aim at the lower right corner of the room – a few steps from each edge.

A Rumble on the Seaside Floor

#42 A Relaxing Dance

Get the Resort Outfit and Hat from the regional coins vendor and equip them. He is located on top of the Purple Dorrie swimming around Hot Springs island. Now visit the Beach House and there should be a locked door guarded by a snail. Talk to her and she will open it up if you are wearing the appropriate attire. Inside the Beach House you go onto the circle platform and dance a bit to get the moon.

#43 Wading in the Cloud Sea

There’s a rocket up on the ledge just east of the Beach House. You need to get a Gushen and climb up there using its water jetstream. Capture the rocket and fly into the mini level. Get to the end of the level for this moon, but #44 is inside as well, so remember to pick it up. You can use your cap to clear away some of the cloud smoke, to make your paths more obvious.

#44 Sunken Treasure in the Cloud Sea

Same as the previous moon, get a Gushen and use it to reach the ledge with a rocket on it. (One just west of the Odyssey). When you get to the cloud covered platforms mini level look for the last section of the level before the exit rocktet. Use Cappy to reveal the platforms in the clouds to your left. This will show you a path to what seems like a box shaped platform in the middle of nothing. In the middle of it is a chest with the moon. Refer to the screenshot bellow for the exact location.

Sunken Treasure in the Cloud Sea

#45 Fly Through the Narrow Valley

Capture A gushen close to the Beach House flag. There is a hidden doorway west of the Beach House you can reach by using the water streams Gushen spits out. Inside is a mini level that will require you to use Gushen navigation skills to get to the end where this moon is located. Remember that landing in water recharges Gushen jetstream. Also, you don’t need to go upwards once you reached your required height. Just press Y to propel forward, without the need to keep pressing B. Just try moving in as straight line as possible. You don’t have to pick up the coin rings. #46 is in the same level so make sure you grab that along the way.

Fly Through the Narrow Valley

#46 Treasure Chest in the Narrow Valley

In the hidden mini level, whose access door is located west of the Beach House, there is a hard to reach power moon. You have to use Gushen to navigate from one water pool to another with just barely enough jetstream power. This moon is hidden on a ledge past the poison part. If you don’t have enough jetstream water to reach this ledge you can try jumping out of the Gushen and jump diving onto the platform for that last bit of oomph you need. Try and try again until you practiced enough to conserve your movement and are able to reach the moon.

Treasure Chest in the Narrow Valley

#47 Hurry and Stretch

Refer to the screenshot bellow or our big map above for the position of the entrance into this mini level. (It is located on the side of the bottom of Hot Springs Island, underwater). Navigate the ledges with an Uproot, while avoiding rotating spikes. Moon is at the end of the level, but there is another one – #48 – along the way, so pick that up too.Hurry and Stretch

#48 Stretch on the Side Path

At the same location as described in the moon walkthrough above is another collectible waiting for you on a side path. It is clearly visible on the way to the end of the mini level, but getting it requires some nifty Uproot handling. Use small leg extension and your shadow to land onto the narrow edge, while avoiding spiked balls. The problem is also time, because the lava will be rising as soon as you jump onto the first ledge. You need a perfect run of precision and speed to get this one.Stretch on the Side Path

#49 Secret Path to Bubblaine!

You’ll need to visit and have completed the main story in Bowser’s Kingdom or even the whole main story and get access to Mushroom kingdom to be able to get to this one. Depending on whether you chose Seaside or Snow kingdom during the second story fork, paintings in Bowser’s and Mushroom Kingdom will lead to that place. In Bowser’s Kingdom go to the Main Courtyard Entrance to find the warp painting behind the building to the west of it. In Mushroom kingdom go south of the Odyssey’s landing point to find the painting on the ground.

#50 Found with Seaside Kingdom Art

Seaside hint art is found on the rock-face just behind the Odyssey, and a little bit to the west. It just says KEEP on it with the moon being above the first E. Turns out this is a street sign in Metro Kingdom. A few steps north of the Main City Entrance flag (nexto to the jump rope challenge) is a KEEP CLEAR warning written on the street itself. Ground pound jump to reveal the moon.

#51 Seaside Kingdom Regular Cup

You need to win this cup to get the collectible. To do so I recommend you swim straight up and as you exit to the surface of the water head right. There are some rocket flowers there. Pick the closest one up and pick up as many as you can along the way. Each gives your rocket boost more duration. Head towards the Above Rolling Canyon flag (note – not the Rolling Canyon, but the one above it). There should be some Luncheon Kingdom forks on the side of the hill where the Above Rolling Canyon flag is at (and finish line). Use them to get up the hill and you should be comfortably first.

#52 Peach in the Seaside Kingdom

Princess Peach is on top of the Glass Tower. You can reach it by stepping into one of the four stream shooting out into the top of it.
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  1. J
    joe benson

    I got #49 early by using a gushen to fly over from the rock formation where power moon #1 is found. The move requires that you gushen be at full capacity so you’ll need the #1 moon to refill it before attempting.

    Using the gushen fly up and straight towards the #49 platform. Once you’ve reached height limit focus remaining thrust on moving forward towards the goal. Once you reach the rim of the platform eject the gushen and immediately jump forward to reach power moon #49.

    Took me 3 attempts. The 2nd attempt failed because power moon number #1 hadn’t respawned from my first attempt. Only a full gushen can make the leap.

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