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There are hundreds of different weapons in Dark Souls 3. Choosing what works best for you is a process that can take a while.
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However, when you’re just starting the game, you’ll need a reliable weapon that you can fall back on. This guide will show you the best starting weapons in Dark Souls 3, where to find them and how they behave.


best starting weapons dark souls 3 Uchigatana is the first katana you’ll find. You can get it by defeating an NPC near Firelink Shrine. The light attack consists of quick vertical slashes, so you won’t be hitting walls and other obstales when you swing. It scales well with dexterity.


dks3 broadsword starting weaponThe trusty, old Broadsword has carried many players through previous souls games. It’s a great all-rounder, not excelling at anything particular, but being good at everything. You can get it in High Wall of Lothric. It’s in one of the rooms adjacent to the dining room under the rooftop with the praying hollows.

Deep Battle Axe

dks3 best starting axeYou can get the Deep Battle Axe in the High Wall of Lothric. It is in the tower under the fire-breathing dragon (in a mimic chest). It’s a fairly standard battle axe that does dark damage in addition to physical. It also has a skill that increases damage.


dsk3 early weapons claymoreClaymore is one of the first broadswords you’ll find. It’s a heavy, slow weapon with devastating attacks. The light attack is a swipe, while the heavy is a thrust. You’ll find it during your exploration of the High Wall of Lothric. It’s near the Deep Battle Axe, on the terrace the dragon is spewing fire onto.


dks3 best weapons partizanPartizan is a spear with a bladed head. This allows the user to both poke and make swings. It has a long reach and is great for dealing with groups. You can get it in the Undead Settlement, pretty early on in the game. It’s on a corpse hanging near the cage where Cornyx is trapped.

Irithyll Straight Sword

dks3 starting weapons irithyllThe Irithyll Straight Sword is a bit special. It has a similar move set to other straight swords, but it’s coated in frost, does ice damage and causes frostbite. You’ll get it from dueling the Outrider Knight in Undead Settlement, the one that blocks the passage to Road of Sacrifice, under the place where you meet Siegward first.




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    what about butcher’s knife?

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    what about bandit’s knife. my first playthrough was completed with the bandit’s knife.

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