Dragon Crest Shield | Dark Souls 3

Dragon Crest Shield is an item found in Dark Souls 3. This is one of the overall best shields in the game.
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It has great fire (89) and maximum physical (100) absorption. This means no physical damage goes through a block with this shield, and only 10% fire damage does. The location where you can find it is quite epic, as well. This guide will show you how to get Dragon Crest Shield in Dark Souls 3, what it looks like and its stats.

Where to find Dragon Crest Shield

Area: Road of Sacrifices
The Closest Fire: Old Wolf of Farron

  1. The path to Dragon Crest Shield takes you to the Old Wolf of Farron bonfire. To find this bonfire, you’ll have to turn right at the entrance to the Abyss Watchers and find a long ladder. Use the ladder to reach the Old Wolf of Farron bonfire. This is where you can pledge your allegiance to the Watchdogs of Farron Covenant.
  2. Next to this bonfire is an elevator that can take you even higher. You’ll see a Stray Demon to your left, once you’re on top. The path toward the Dragon Crest Shield will be on your right.
  3. There is a small crack in the bridge’s fence, next to the closed gate. Use it to jump down toward the small balcony-like structures. Keep following this route until you reach the other part of the bridge.
  4. The Dragon Crest Shield’s exact location is on the other side of the gate. Get close to the dead dragon and loot it.

Dragon Crest Shield Stats & Description

A knight’s shield engraved with a crest depicting a dragon.
One of the enchanted blue shields. The Dragon Crest Shield greatly reduces fire damage.
Skill: Parry.

Dragon Crest Shield Dark Souls 3
This shield provides almost complete protection from fire. It will come in handy when you’re exploring Irithyll, but it won’t save you from the dragons in Lothric Castle.

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