Shield of Want | Dark Souls 3

Shield of Want is a one-of-a-kind item in Dark Souls 3. It’s unique because it increases the number of souls you get when defeating enemies.
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In combination with the Silver Serpent Ring and the Symbol of Avarice you can end up with 70% more souls from enemies’ deaths. This guide will show you how to get Shield of Want in Dark Souls 3, what it looks like and its stats.

Where to find Shield of Want

Area: Catacombs of Carthus
The Closest Bonfire: Abandoned Tomb / Old King’s Antechamber or Old Demon King (if the Old Demon King boss is dead).

  1. There is a somewhat secret area in Catacombs of Carthus. To reach it, you have to destroy the long hanging bridge near High Lord Wolnir. Shortly after, you’ll be able to use this bridge as a ladder.
  2. Progressing through the Catacombs of Carthus, you’ll eventually come inside a colossal cave – Smoldering Lake. This is the part of the catacombs where the big worm resides and the bow mechanism shoots large arrows at you.
  3. As you enter Smoldering Lake, keep to your left and head toward the Old Demon King’s room. Several steps away from the stairs is an item on a dead body. This item is the Shield of Want.

Shield of Want Description & Stats

Shield of an ancient king who was cursed by an all-consuming thirst. In the end, he was no king.
The residue of the king’s lust still smolders within this shield, increasing the number of souls absorbed when enemies are defeated.
Skill: Weapon Skill

Although the super-useful effect of increased soul gain is the primary selling point here, this shield won’t leave you wanting for protection, either. It has 100 physical absorption.

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