Evil Within 2 Warden Crossbow, Laser-Sighted Handgun, Shotgun, Sniper & Other Weapons

There are many different weapons in Evil Within 2. These include the Warden Crossbow, Laser-Sighted Handgun, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, etc. Which one you’ll get the most use out of depends on your preferred playstyle, which enemies you’re facing, how much ammo you have, and so on. Also, you can upgrade every firearm further using weapon parts.

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Evil Within 2 All Weapons
Evil Within 2 All Weapons

Where to find Best Weapons in Evil Within 2?

Evil Within 2 Warden Crossbow Weapon

The first weapon most players will be gunning for is the Evil Within 2 Warden Crossbow. Like the crossbow in the previous game, it packs a huge punch. More importantly, it can use different types of bolts, which, in turn, have different effects. For example, the Shock Bolt will stun enemies that are standing in water. It’s a fantastic weapon, well worth getting, and you can find it near the beginning of the game, in the Residential Area.

Evil Within 2 Laser Sighted Handgun Weapon Location

Another great weapon you can get early on, in Chapter 3, is the Laser-Sighted Handgun. It doesn’t deal a whole bunch of damage, but that’s not the point, anyway. The purpose of this weapon is high accuracy at longer ranges. That’s what the laser sight is for, after all. The weapon is not exactly in the open, though. You will have to do a little snooping around the area.

TEW2 Sawed Off Shotgun Weapon

If you’re more the kind of player who likes to go up close and personal, then you’ll want the Sawed-Off Shotgun. It doesn’t have much in terms of accuracy or range, but it sure can deal damage in close quarters. Like the weapons mentioned above, you can get it in Chapter 3, which is not far from the beginning of the game. You can’t just find it in the open, though. You’ll have to find the right house, then solve a puzzle to enter a secret armory.

Evil Within 2 Sniper Rifle Weapon Location Guide

On the other hand, if you prefer to handle enemies from a distance, you need to get your hands on the Sniper Rifle. As you’d imagine, it allows you to deal serious damage to enemies from way far away. This can prove invaluable against monsters that are deadly from up close, or those that require precise shots. Once again, you can find it in the Residential Area during Chapter 3. The one you find will be broken, though, so you’ll have to find a wa y to repair it before using it.

There are other weapons that you can uncover in Evil Within 2. For example, there are the hand axes. They are a one-use weapon, but they are incredibly powerful. Whenever you come across them, always make sure you pick them up. They can instantly destroy some enemies; they’re just that powerful.

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