Valheim Core Wood

Core wood in Valheim is a valuable crafting material in the game that you can get relatively early in the game. It’s necessary for making extremely vital tools, including the Bronze Pickaxe and the Cultivator. If you’re more into weapons, well, you’ll need core wood to build the Stagbreaker hammer. So, getting core wood is essential; the problem is that there’s only one reliable source of the material. We’ll show you how to get core wood and where to find it in our Valheim Core Wood guide.

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valheim core wood
Valheim Core Wood

Where to Find Core Wood in Valheim

To get core wood in Valheim, you have to cut down pine trees in the Black Forest biome. As far as we can tell, that’s the only answer to the question of how to get core wood. I’ve seen people say that there’s a chance that the material drops by destroying abandoned houses in the Meadows biome, but we haven’t been so lucky. While it may end up working for you, the only reliable source of this crafting resource remain pine trees.

Now, we have to be specific here – only pine trees will drop core wood. There are plenty of fir trees scattered about the Black Forest, but those won’t do it. It has to be pine, and you can spot them with relative ease. They are extremely tall, and their branches begin way up from the ground. If you’re unsure, just mouse over the trunk, and the game will let you know whether it’s pine.

One thing to note about getting Valheim core wood is that you need at least a stone axe to cut down pines. That said, core wood is an extremely valuable crafting material. You need it to make a Cultivator, a Finewood Bow, a Bronze Pickaxe, and even the Stagbreaker hammer, which is awesome and very useful in the Bonemass boss battle. So, yeah; figuring out how to get core wood is gonna be pretty crucial for your progress.

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