Barley Flour Valheim

Valheim barley flour is a cooking ingredient that you can get in the game, and it’s a required ingredient for some of the best foods you can make. Appropriately enough, making barley flour is quite the process. You first need to push through to the only biome where barley grows, and then figure out how to get it and how to turn it into flour. In our Barley Flour Valheim guide, we’ll lay the whole process out for you.

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barley flour valheim
Barley Flour Valheim

How to Get Valheim Barley Flour

To get barley flour in Valheim, you first have to reach the Plains biome. Once there, you’ll have access to barley. We explain it in detail in our Barley and Flax guide, but basically, the grain can be found in tilled soil around Fuling villages. After you manage to steal some, you can then plant it and grow barley yourself. Mind you, it can only thrive in the Plains; putting it in any other biome will cause it to wilt and die.

Once you have that sorted out, you have to make a Windmill to make barley flour. To do that, you have to build an Artisan Table first. This requires you to kill the Valheim Moder boss in the Mountains biome, since it drops a Dragon Tear. That’s a necessary material in crafting the table. When you have it, you’ll need 20 Stone, 30 Wood, and 30 Iron Nails to craft and place the Windmill. It takes a while, but it’s worth it.

After you’ve obtained both barley and the Windmill, you can then put barley into the hole on the side, and Valheim barley flour will come out from the front. Make sure not to block these two points when building the structure. Incidentally, if you’re wondering whether the barley flour is worth the trouble, it is. You need it to make some of the best food in the game, like Blood Pudding and Lox Meat Pie.

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