Valheim Portals - How to Use and Build Portal & Fast Travel

Portals in Valheim are objects that you can build in order to fast travel, or teleport, across the map. Making Portals and allowing yourself to teleport makes traversing the world significantly easier. The ability to fast travel in Valheim lets you, for example, jump back into a boss battle way more quickly, jump back to base to resupply, or get to your grave faster. So, how does one build and use Portals to teleport? Well, that’s what we’ll be showing you in our Valheim Portals – How to Use and Build Portal & Fast Travel guide.

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valheim portals how to use and build portal & fast travel
Valheim Portals – How to Use and Build Portal & Fast Travel

How to Use Portals in Valheim

To use Portals in Valheim and teleport, first, put one down. We’ll explain how to do that in detail below. Then, interact with it by highlighting it and pressing “E.” This will bring up the option to tag the portal; or name it, if you will. So, name it whatever you want.

After you’ve done that, go to the location where you want to build the second portal. Interact with it, and give it the exact same name as you did in the first one. Capitalization and spacing is important. So, if you’ve named the first portal Funky_Chicken, the other one has to have the exact same capitalization and everything else.

Naming the portals the same thing connects them. All you have to do now is walk through one of them, and you’ll find yourself on the other side. It’s as simple as that to fast travel in Valheim. Just keep in mind that certain materials, like Copper, Tin, Bronze, Iron, Black Metal, Silver and Dragon Eggs can’t be teleported.

Now, if you’re building Valheim Portals that have similar names (say, you build more than one in the Swamp), it can get a little difficult to keep track of them all. To counter that, we recommend writing in the name of every solo portal on the world map, solo portal here being shorthand for any portal leading from your base into the wild.

How to Build Portal in Valheim

To build Portals in Valheim, you need unlock the crafting recipe, get all the necessary resources, and have a workbench nearby. As far as we can tell, the recipe for the Portals becomes available the first time you discover Fine Wood, which drops from Birch and Oak trees in the Meadows. That, of course, is one of the ingredients for making a Portal. These are the things you’ll need:

  • 20 Fine Wood
  • 10 Greydwarf Eyes
  • 2 Surtling Cores

Once you have all the materials you need, pick a place to put your Portal. Take out your hammer, right-click to enter the crafting menu, and go into the Misc tab. From there, select the Portal and left-click to put it down where you choose. You’re one step closer to the Valheim teleport

How to Destroy Portals

To destroy Portals in Valheim, all you have to do is take out your Hammer tool and highlight it. Then, press the middle mouse button to get to delete the Portal and get your crafting materials back. Just keep in mind that you might need a workbench in the vicinity. Also, in order to return all your resources, make sure to have the Portal fully repaired first.

If you’re not too pressed about getting your mats back, you can just destroy your Portal “manually;” that is to say, take an axe or hammer as a weapon to it. In case you have time to spare, there’s also the option to just let it rot. All buildings in Valheim degrade over time, and the same goes for fast travel Portals.

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