Valheim Ore & Metal Teleportation & Quick Transfer

Teleportation and quick transfer of ore and metal in Valheim is a problem that a lot of people encountering. The issue is that certain ore and metal, like silver, tin, copper, bronze, iron, black metal and others in Valheim can’t go through portals. That means that there’s no shortcut to transporting ores and metals between different zones and bases. So, is there any way to transfer materials quickly in the game? Well, we’ll aim to answer that question in our Valheim Ore & Metal Teleportation & Quick Transfer guide.

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valheim ore & metal teleportation & quick transfer
Valheim Ore & Metal Teleportation & Quick Transfer

Can You Teleport Copper, Tin, Dragon Eggs, Black Metal, Silver, Bronze in Valheim

No, you can not teleport copper, tin, silver in Valheim, as well as some other items, like Dragon Eggs and some other crafting materials. You have to find a different mode of transportation to get these resources where they need to be. Hihglighting any material or other item in your ivnentory will show you whether it can teleport or not in the description, as you can see in the image above. Here’s a list of stuff that can’t go through Valheim Portals.

If we’ve missed anything, let us know in the comments. Mind you, items made out of these materials can freely go through Portals; it’s just the raw stuff that can’t. I know that a lot of people aren’t happy about this situation; however, from the standpoint of game design, I understand why the system works like it does. It forces you to explore and build more, basically.

How to Teleport Ore & Metal Faster in Valheim

To teleport ore and metal in Valheim, there is a cheese that you can exploit. First up, make a second world, which is gonna be your, in essence, cloud storage. Then, in your main world, gather as many unteleportable materials that you can. Log out, go into the storage world, and put everything away. Next, go back into your main world and teleport to wherever you want to take the stuff. From there, head back to storage world, take all the materials, and return to the main world.

There are two main issues with this method. One, it takes time, and it’s tedious. Two, it completely undermines the core experience and balance of the game. In other words, I discourage you from cheesing. That said, it is the arguably fastest way to move materials around. Your only other options are boats and the cart. Boats have shockingly little storage, all things considered, but will be the only option at certain times. The cart is the way to go whenever you can.

Valheim Ore & Metal Quick Transfer – Can’t be Teleported Solution

The only two solutions to the “Can’t be Teleported” problem in Valheim and quickly transfer ore and metal, aside from the cheese described above, is to either use mods or cheats. There’s no legit way to put those materials through the Portals, there just isn’t. When it comes to cheats, you can check out our Valheim cheats guide. As for mods, there’s those like Ten’son’s mod pack.

Two things that I have to say here. One, always be super-careful when downloading and installing mods; I’m not gonna be responsible if it messes your computer up in some way. Two, we highly encourage you to play the game as intended, without using any shortcuts. It might lessen your enjoyment of the game significantly in the long run.

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