Watch Dogs Legion Street Artist Location - Silent Paintball Gun

Street artists are one of the types of operatives you can recruit in Watch Dogs Legion. Their skills and equipment vary, but they all come with a paintball gun. It’s a unique weapon, non-lethal and silent, which lets you deal with enemies from a distance, without raising suspicions. This makes them a highly popular target for recruitment, but they can be a bit hard to find. If you want one on your team and you’re having trouble finding them, this guide will show you Watch Dogs Legion street artist locations.

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watch dogs legion street artist location silent paintball gun
Watch Dogs Legion Street Artist Location – Silent Paintball Gun

Where to find street artist in Watch Dogs Legion?

You’ll recognize the street artist by their full-face gas mask, and the fact they’re most often found redecorating the walls of some building. This means looking in areas that aren’t all that posh, like the western part of Camden. Wherever you see graffiti on the wall, there’s a chance a street artist will visit to work on them at some point.

We found our street artist recruit on the western edge of Camden, by the GBB House building. It was at night – they probably appear only at night, due to the illicit nature of their trade. If you can’t be bothered to wait, check out our guide on how to change time.

Once you’ve found yours, you’ll have to do a short recruitment mission. Given their profession, street artists are usually inclined to have positive feelings towards DedSec, so no deep profiling should be required.

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