A Knight’s Tales


A Knight’s Tales is a side quest in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine. It involves freeing a cursed spirit from a tree.
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Key Facts

Category:Side Quest
  • 100 crowns/130 florens
  • Intense feeling of guilt, no matter what you choose

Quest Text

A short distance from Castel Ravello, Geralt happened on a notice posted by Jacob, a lumberjack. The logger was in search of someone who had no fear of spells and could thus face a witch. This was the very description of the witcher, no two ways about it, so it was no surprise that our hero took an interest in the notice and decided to visit Jacob.

Starting NPC

Name: Notice Board – Castel Ravello Vineyard

Additional Info

Pick up the quest from the notice board in Castel Ravello Vineyard, then talk to Jacob the woodcutter.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Talk to Jacob the woodcutter

Go to the loggers camp west of Castel Ravello and talk to Jacob. He’ll tell you about the woman-turned-tree he wants you to free. You’ll have to find the witch of Lynx Crag first.

Search the hut using your Witcher Senses

When you reach the witch’s hut, you’ll have to investigate it. The bear skin on the wall is the only important part. Lift it and take the kerchief. The witch will appear and talk to you. You can choose to demand her help or solve the problem yourself.
Choice 1

Can lift the curse myself

If you choose to lift the curse yourself, you’ll return to Jacob, perform a ritual badly and fight Daphne’s raging spirit.

Treat her like you would any other wraith – use specter oil and Yrden. Once it’s done, Jacob will reluctantly pay you and you’ll leave feeling sour.
Choice 2

Lift the curse, or else

If you choose to force the witch to help you, you’ll need to defeat her in combat. Roll around and avoid her lynx companion, focusing on the witch herself.

Once you’re back at the logging camp, you’ll discover Jacob dead, murdered by his wolf Morholt, who was possessed by the tree spirit.

You can loot his coin purse if you feel like you’ve deserved a reward.
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  1. V

    There is a third option to finish the quest that requires you to “humble yourself” before the witch and agree to her terms. After which she will tell you where to find the bones of Daphne’s love giving you the choice to burn them along with the kerchief unlocking a much happier ending.

    1. V

      The third option isn’t triggered by examining all objects in her hut like other guides would suggest. Though that may be a minor requirement, the real trigger is from reading the fairy tale book Jacob the Woodcutter gives you before departing for the crag. In the story it states Gerath (the fairy tail’s protagonist) would humble himself before the witch to meet a happy ending. Once read and all examined you should have a third option to ask nicely with a please. This leads to the witch asking for a lock of hear to “conceal” herself from you and never to nag her again. Though who knows she could be lying. However, she does tell you have to free Daphne peacefully and gives the “best” happy ending for the quest.

      1. S

        Actually you can get the “best” ending by choosing to lift the curse yourself, what you have to do is find Gerath remains in the cave, basically you won’t get a quest mark so will have to explore on your own.

        1. D

          i tried this. he mentions having the bones and using them but he doesn’t actually use the bones. he just throws the kerchief in the fire and mentions he screwed up and has to fight the specter. i don’t see how this is the best ending.

          is there an ending where he actually does something with the bones and doesn’t fight a specter?

        2. D

          well, nevermind. i found a way to screw it up i guess. if you want the peaceful ending do not pick up the bones from the cave before getting the kerchief and telling the witch you’ll do it yourself. get kerchief first. tell your you’ll do it yourself, THEN go to cave and get bones. the difference is if you get bones first, he mentions he’ll use the bones, but he doesn’t. and he recites a different text when lighting the fires.

          1. C

            Actually, I did it in the exact order you proposed (investigate the room, find the kerchief, tell the witch you’ll lift the curse yourself, go into the cave and collect the remains), but still got the not-quite-good ending (i.e., she turned into a wraith). Maybe it this only works if you did NOT also read the fairytales book you receive from the woodcutter (because I did read it).

          2. D

            screwed up twice. wanted the ending without wraith fight or lumberjacks death. didnt read the book, went to the cave to get the bones first and then talk to the witch without examining any red objects in the hut (except the bear hide), asking what happened to Gareth and decided to lift the curse alone. i think the trigger to Geralt burning the bone is asking the witch about what happened to Gareth (the white text option when talking to the witch) because ive tried finding the bone after talking to the witch and choosing to lift the curse alone (i read the book and didnt choose the white text option then) and ended up fighting the wraith eventhough ive got the bones.

  2. B

    You don’t need to agree to give the sorceress your hair and trust she will not try anything against Geralt. The cave is right below her house, just go there and grab the knight’s remains without her help.
    That way you will also be able to achieve the best ending for the quest.

  3. S

    Another way of doing this quest: examine the bear skin and take the silk kerchief, then tell the Witch that you will deal with the curse yourself. Leave the hut and explore the cave underneath to find Gareth’s remains. Return to Jacob and perform the ritual. Whichever option you choose the spirit leaves peacefully, and Jacob gives you your reward.

  4. B

    Allready knowing where the bones of the knight are can’t you simply go and take them, perform the ritual yourself and obtain the good ending???

  5. K

    Is there not way of killing this b/witch? She kills a man she spent one night with so another woman can’t have him and let’s the woman suffer her curse for years even though she knew how to lift it.

  6. J
    Jacob Heck

    If you find the bones in the cave beneath the witches hut then you are able to lift the curse without killing the witch or fighting the tree spirit.

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