Spoontaneous Profits!


Spoontaneous Profits is a treasure hunt side mission in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine. It involves a strange spoon-shaped key and a lost treasure.
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Key Facts

  • Three cooking recipes
  • Lots of alchemy ingredients
  • A puzzled look on your face, as you try to figure out what just happened

Quest Text

While snooping around the cursed Trastamara Estate, Geralt happened on a strange, spoon-like key. Attaced to it was a note.

Starting NPC

Additional Info

As you’re doing the La Cage Au Fou main mission, you’ll go through the Trastamara Hunting Cottage, which is where this quest begins. Take the Spoon Key from the house and read the note attached to it.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Ask the owner of the Pheasantry about the mysterious spoon

Go to the Pheasantry Inn in the west of Beauclair and talk to the innkeeper. She’ll let you snoop around the basement. Take the cook book from the cupboard in the far left corner of the room.

Find Gor-Thon’s studio and look for treasure.

Travel to the marker east of Dun Tynne Crossroads. Approach the building from the north and enter the basement. As soon as you step off the stairs, look slightly to the left. You’ll see a chest – this is where your rewards are.
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  1. M

    I feel like there is something missing here. What about the wraith that charges you as soon as you get out? Cant we save it somehow?

  2. B

    True. The wraith will attack you as soon as you get outside the door. I am not quite sure about this but i think i saw another skeleton like being that came out running from the basement. I really thought that it would attack me but then it just run and dissapper as if it were freed from the basement. I am not quite sure about this because after ive defeated the wraith i tried to look for that skeleton/ghost but i couldnt find it. I wonder if there were others who were able to saw it too. .

    1. D

      The skeleton was summoned by the wraith. As soon as the wraith died the skeleton disappeared.

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