A Tome Entombed


A Tome Entombed is a secondary quest that will see you traverse the sewers of Novigrad and face an ancient monster.

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Following contains quest spoilers.
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The sewers.

Enter the sewers through the entrance located in the east-central part of the main island of Novigrad, close to the Whoreson’s Henchman.

When you reach the first junction, turn left, then left again at the next junction, and you will reach a long flight of stairs that descend into the sewers. Go down the stairs, through a gap in the grate, until you reach the lower junction chamber. Go across it to a brick tunnel. Follow it as it curves left until you reach a sub-junction chamber, you should then look at the cracked wall to the southwest. Use Aard to break the wall and you will see the entrance to an old crypt. It is also protected by a wall, so use your Aard sign again.

Go down into the crypt and you will see a grave robber trying in vain to push a heavy stone lid of a large coffin in the center of the chamber. When you talk to him, he will present himself as Professor Valrmont Jonne from Oxenfurt University.

He will reveal that the sarcophagus holds the Dar’Ah Manuscript, a priceless elven tome, and ask you to help him retrieve it. Tell him you will open the coffin.

Kill the vampire.

When you open the sarcophagus, you will see a body dressed in black vestments. The vampire will ask if it is the year 1358 before pulling the lid back on the coffin and preventing the Professor from picking up the elven tome.

He will ask you to take the lid off again, which will anger the vampire so much that he will turn into a more vicious form called a Katakan. Consult your Bestiary for some tactics on how to slay the monster. After you’ve killed the beast, you will see that Jones has not found the elven tome. The quest is now over.
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