Little Red


Little Red is a secondary quest and a tale of revenge in Novigrad’s countryside.

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest
  • 20 Crowns if you let Little Red kill Bertram.
  • 10 Crowns and the Diary of Little Red if you kill her

Quest Text

Geralt’s travels took him to a certain village whose inhabitants were clearly anxious about something.
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It turned out they were expecting a gang of bandits led by a woman known as Little Red to attack at any minute. She was out for the blood of a certain Bertram who she claimed had wronged her. Geralt promised to help defend the villagers.

Starting NPC

Additional Info

Go to the village of Beanston, preferably around noon, and look for a group of villagers whispering among themselves on the western side of the village. Approach them and ask them what they’re whispering about, they will tell you that there is a gang of bandits that wishes to take revenge on Bertram, one of the villagers.

Their leader is apparently a she-wolf in human form, her name is Little Red. Bertram apparently told some witch hunters about her, and she is now out to get his head. Agree to help him.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Wait until dusk for Little Red’s band to attack.

Remain in the center of the village and meditate until around 17:00. Little Red will approach either side of the village with her band. She will tell you the real reason why she wants Bertram dead: he’s a double-crossing thief. You are now faced with a choice.
Choice 1

Let her kill Bertram.

Choice 2

Tell her to leave.

Prepare for battle as she will turn into a werewolf and her entire band will come at you. Focus on the bandits first and avoid the werewolf by slowing her down with Yrden.

Once you’ve killed the she-beast and her four henchmen, go to the village ealdorman and claim your reward. You can also loot Little Red’s corpse for her diary.
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