The Nobleman Statuette


The Nobleman Statuette is one of the many secondary quests Geralt can embark on in Novigrad.

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Category:Side Quest

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Merchant

Additional Info

Note: You will need Triss Merigold for this quest, so you should start it before you’ve completed the Now or Never Secondary quest.
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Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

A magic purchase.

Visit the store in Gildorf Square, next to the notice board. The proprietor will be very intent on selling you some items that used to belong to Aeramas, a mage who was burned at the stake.

Buy the Lizard Figurine and Jade Figurine from him. The Lizard Figurine will also start the Of Dairy and Darkness Secondary quest.

Talk to Triss about the statuette.

Triss can be found in one of the following two sites:
  • The Crooked House – her hideout in The Bits
  • The Rosemary and Thyme
Talk to her and ask her to look at the figurine. She will inspect it for a moment and tell you that there is a nobleman magically trapped inside it.

She will take you to The Bits, where you will ask her to lift the spell. A surprised nobleman will then appear.

It appears that he was trapped inside the figurine by Coral – one of the names the sorceress Lytta Neyd used. If you ask him about it, he will give you a small reward and walk away. The quest is over.
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    Tex Arcana

    Just a note: This quest can be completed after “Now or Never”.
    During “Final Preparations” you have the opportunity: Immediately after Triss and Geralt rescue Phillipa Eilhart.
    I am guessing that this would be your last chance to accomplish this quest.

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