A Walk On The Waterfront


A Walk on the Waterfront is a secondary quest you can find near the winch crane at the end of south docks in Novigrad.

Key Facts

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Quest Text

A certain nobleman asked Geralt for a bit of assistance.
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He wanted the witcher to accompany him on a stroll through a rather dodgy part of Novigrad. The richman’s clothing alone would get him killed in that quarter, so Geralt agreed to help.

Starting NPC

Additional Info

As you are passing by, you’ll walk straight into a commotion caused by three bandits and a nobleman.

Step in and protect the nobleman.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Escort the nobleman.

As the three bandits lay defeated, the nobleman will ask you to go for a stroll with him down the docks. Acting as a bodyguard, staying a couple of steps behind.
Agree and follow him.

As you go through the docks and deal with total three groups of thugs, you reach the end.

Note: Keep check on Ginter’s health, for if he dies, the quest will result in failure.

The bad seed

As the walk comes to an end near a tower, a few fisstech dealers will come out to speak with Ginter.

It turns out Ginter is a narcotics buyer, doing business for some very important clients.

He introduces you as his gardener, and when the dealers ask for a thousand more crowns than agreed on, and Ginter asks you to help him.
Choice 1

Agree to help

If you choose to help Ginter, the dealers will back down.

Ginter will pay you.
Choice 2

Refuse to help

If you refuse, the dealers take care of Ginter.

They also pay you the same amount Ginter offered for not interfering.
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