Hidden Messages Of The Nilfgaardian Kind


Hidden Messages of the Nilfgaardian Kind is a secondary quest in Novigrad and an opportunity to get some fine loot.

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On your next visit to Novigrad, take the time to visit a cobbled street in The Bits, northeast of the Kingfisher Inn.
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There you will see two shady individuals fussing about a particular patch of land close to a wooden deck.

When they walk off, use your Witcher senses to find a loose brick. Take the note they stashed there.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Find the next stash.

The note mentions a second drop point located at Crippled Kate’s, in the Glory Lane district and near the docks.Go south, through the theater, across the narrow pedestrian bridge, and down to the side of the canal. Find the street covered with an arch of red bricks and use your Witcher Sense to find another loose brick in the corner, before the low log fence.

You will get an Ornamented Chest Key

Take the loot from the spies’ chest.

You now have everything you need to open the chest that the spies hid. Head back north, to the Gildorf District. Go the main square and find the sewer grate close to the shop and the Notice Board.

Go down the ladder and into the Gildorf Sewers, then turn northeast when you touch the ground. The chest is next to a barred end of the tunnel, with two bodies lying close to it. Open the chest with the key you’ve found and collect the loot inside it.
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