Abandoned Sawmill


Abandoned Sawmill is a secondary quest that involves some sleuthing.

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Location: Skellige
Category:Side Quest

Quest Text

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The Abandoned Sawmill is located in the eastern part of Ard Skellig, in a large area covered by forests.
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To start this quest, approach the vicinity of the Abandoned Sawmill.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Search the abandoned sawmill using your Witcher Senses.

There are four locations you need to visit here:
  • Main logger’s house – to the north. Enter it, find the sawmill owner’s notes on the floor and read them.
  • Small storage shed – to the northeast, next to the logger’s house. Enter it and open the crate inside to read the lumberjack’s letter to his wife.
  • Stone hut – to the southwest. Smash the door open with Aard, then search the chest to find and read a letter from a druid.
  • Barn – outside. There are human bones next to it, from the lumberjacks.
When you’re done inspecting the remains, a Leshen will appear.

Kill the Leshen.

The tall, bony creature will summon crows to harass you; consult your bestiary for information on how to deal with it. The quest will end when you kill the monster.
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