Spooked Mare


Spooked Mare is a secondary quest available in the fields outside Novigrad – prepare to make a decision.

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Quest Text

Geralt met a man who claimed one of his horses had been stolen by some kind of woodland spook.
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The witcher promised to bring back the missing mare.

Starting NPC

Additional Info

North of the Crossroads and to the southeast of the eastern gate of Oxenfurt there is a cottage inhabited by a troubled peasant. He will ask you to find his mare that was stolen by a a “woodland spook”. Agree to find the mare.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Find the missing horse.

Use your Witcher Senses to start tracking the mare’s hoof prints that lead away from the peasant. The mare you are looking for is gray and has crooked legs.

The hoof prints lead to the southeast, across a pond and into a forest spreading east and up slightly up a hill. You will run into a group of seven wolves; dispatch them and continue tracking the mare’s prints until you reach a makeshift pen with a group of Scoia’tael.

Deal with the Scoia’tael.

When you enter the enclosure, the commander of the Scoia’tael will stop you. Apparently, they do not have horses to transport their wounded, and have no crowns to purchase them with. You have three ways of resolving this conundrum.

If you choose violence, there will be four elves to kill and four horses to calm down with your Axii sign.
Choice 1

Pay for the mare.

Pay 100 Crowns and take the gray mare back to its owner.
Choice 2

Usi Axii to force the commander to let you take the mare.

You will need to use Axii Delusion Level 2 to do this. Take only the gray mare, if you choose any other horse, or more than one, the elves will attack you.
Choice 3

Leave the mare with them.

If you decide that they need the mare more than the peasant, you will fail the quest but will help the wounded elves.

Return to the peasant.

Ride a horse back to the peasant. You can either return him his mare, for which he will thank you; or a Wild Horse that you tamed, in which case he will say that it isn’t the mare he wanted but will nevertheless give you your reward. The quest will then be over.

If you bring him any horse other than the white one from the Scoia’tael camp, the peasant gives you more money.
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