Bastion is a short secondary quest in Skellige isles in which you’ll have to

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Location:Kaer Morhen
Category:Side Quest

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This quest can be started at any time, but can only be completed after you’ve acquired the magic lamp from Keira Metz in the “Magic Lamp” secondary quest.


Following contains quest spoilers.
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Investigate the old bastion and find out what happened to the boy.

Head west from Kaer Morhen until you reach an old keep with four wraiths guarding it. Kill the wraiths, then use Keira Metz’s magic lamp to see a faint light. It is a ghostly reminder of the past trials of a young bot. The lower and upper levels of the keep have three such reminders.

Find and climb up the ladders at the bastion tower to the southwest, then head north across the battlements. Climb up the short ladders to the ruined north tower and you’ll find the bones of a child. Use the lamp again to see a fourth revelation from the past.

Pick up and bury the boy’s remains.

Take the remains and head down from the battlements. You’ll have to burn the remains in a small antechamber. In front of it you’ll find three wraiths blocking your path. Slay them, then place the remains on the ground in the antechamber and burn them. Use the Magic Lamp to watch the final scene in the boy’s life. The spirits will then be at peace and the quest will end.
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  1. J

    This mission bugged out on me. I picked up the boys remains and “burned” them before I found all the ghost dialogue. Now the quest tells me to pick up the remains which I can’t anymore since they are already buried.

  2. M

    saw all three magic lamp events, burned the boy’s body, but I am unable to get the final scene to appear… let’s hope for a fix in the next patches

  3. R

    Same problem as John. Guess I’m stuck for now too.

  4. S

    Same as John and Roy 🙁

  5. A

    Same as john, roy, mart and sam

  6. M
    Michael Leeling

    Mine is bugged too. I found the boy’s bones before I was told to look for them and now after I follow the boy up the ladder he gets stuck at the top and vanishes and I can’t pickup his bones from the tower.

  7. C

    Killed the ghosts..used witcher sense..picked up and burned boys remains..used lamp to find out what happened to boy…now says to investigate with lamp…walked the whole bastion step by step to the corners every spot with lp on but NOTHING happens and quest wont complete 🙁

  8. Z

    If this quest is bugged to you then you have tried to do it too quickly. On my first attempt I faced the same difficulties as above. On second attempt I waited in the chamber the ghost-scene to its end. I even went away an returned a little bit later to bury the remainings – and then, the quest ended. I think, the (good) ending was triggered by the sentence Geralt told at the end of the short burying-scene.
    On first attempt I started burying the remainings before the ghost-scene ended completely – and I didn’d hear Geralt say any sentence after burying the remainings.
    You must let Geralt (and the game …) the time to grief 🙂

  9. L

    I walked in and killed the things, then looted the place; I might have grabbed the boy’s bones then too maybe (I guess I thought I would do the quest after looting), but I only see glittering stuff where the lamp needs to be used now but noting happens when I use it on them spots so… Guess I was too hasty… Cuz the quest says “Explore with ur senses” “Kill the wraiths” but fuckall happens when I do either (I killed them when I first went there) so… and no one seems to have gotten the same bug specifically. I play on XbonOne btw.

  10. J

    It bugged on me too. After I buried the remains it still wants me to search for the boys remains using my Witcher senses..

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