Berengar’s Blade


Berengar’s Blade is a short secondary quest in Kaer Morhen in which you’ll have to finish a job that was started by a good friend of Vesemir.

Key Facts

Location:Kaer Morhen
Category:Side Quest

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Berengar’s Notes


Following contains quest spoilers.
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You’ve been warned

Read Berengar’s notes and talk to Vesemir.

On the ruined exterior battlements, pass through an arch whose bars are broken and get to a sleeping quarters with an old chest. Inside you’ll find notes from a man called Berengar. Read them, they’ll mention a consultation with Vesemir.

Head into the interior of the main fortress and speak with Vesemir. Berengar had apparently attempted to forge a blade and had set off to kill a chort with all his equipments, but never returned. You’re to finish what he began.

Head down the river to the chort’s cave.

Leave Kaer Morhen and head south down to the river, then follow it downstream. Keep going north as the river winds, kill any bears and drowners you may run into. When you get to a part of the river that has a tiny island in it, look for the cave entrance on the river’s eastern bank. There is a strong bull chort inside. Prepare for the battle, then head in and kill the six worker endriaga before tackling the huge enemy.

Look for a silver sword in the cave.

Once you’ve killed the chort, start looking around the cave for Berengar’s belongings. In a small alcove in the southeastern part of the cave you’ll find a diagram for the “Tor’haerne” silver sword. Take it to end the quest.
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  1. G

    doesn’t work, the quest doesn’t start for me after i read the notes

    1. B

      It didn’t for me at first either. After you’ve read the notes, go to Kaer Moren, and the quest will progress. or it did for me!

  2. T

    Can I still do this quest after the Battle of Kaer Morhen?

    1. Z

      The quest is Failed as soon as you start the Isle of Myst quest, step before battle of Kaer Morhen.

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