Empty Coop


Empty Coop is a short secondary quest set in Novigrad’s countryside.

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An old woman in Velen asked Geralt for an unusual favor.
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Some time ago her hens had gone missing from her hen house. Based on the tracks she had found, the woman suspected some two-legged creature with wolf-like paws was responsible. Geralt decided to investigate this mysterious being.

Starting NPC


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Find out what’s been stealing the old woman’s chickens.

Look for a cottage standing alone in the fields west of the Dancing Windmill and you will see a woman called Yanina crying. She will tell you that her hens were taken, one at a time, by a wolf that walks on its hind legs. Tell her that you will find and kill the monster.

There are wolf prints nearby, heading south toward a pond. There are also small footprints next to the wolf’s, but no visible signs of a struggle.

Cross the pond and search for a small tent between some trees; there is a campfire around which three children are sitting. Speak to them and listen to their story.

Convince the old woman to take in the children.

Return to Yanina and inform her about the children. Mention that they could come and live with her and she will tell you that she’ll give it some thought. The quest then concludes.
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  1. K

    quest failed ¬¬

    1. R
      Robert Sides

      Same. I took it without knowing it was too high for my level, so I decided to come back as that happens a TON with the job boards… but then I noticed it later that it failed. Nice of the game to not give a fucking clue what level a quest is BEFORE acquiring it. Sort of RPG 101

      1. P

        I have the same problem, but the quest doesn’t have a recommended level, don’t bitch about it then.

        1. N
          Not exactly impressed

          Actually it’s level 12. I had the same problem as the guy you insulted. Nice and welcoming of you Paulie, means that people won’t post if you act like that.

          1. W

            You do realise you’re calling out a group of complete and utter morons who failed the EASIEST quest in the entire game?

          2. W

            And it doesnt have a recomended level. MORON

  2. G

    I chose to convince her, and it said quest completed, but I spoke to her a second time and chose the other option. I got double XP, but does it affect in the long run?

    1. W

      I don’t know the aftermath of ‘warning’ her. But if you convince her to take them in, then about a day later there will be a lot of healthy hens and the children will be sitting around with ‘Gran’ asking if they can name them. =)

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