Envoys, Wineboys


Envoys, Wineboys is the first main quest in Witcher 3: Blood and Wine. In it, you’ll have to meet a couple of knights from Toussaint and see what they need you for.

Key Facts

Category:Main Quest
Reward:Access to Toussaint

Quest Text

It was a time when there seemed to be two Geralts. One was a celebrity, at least in certain circles, while the other remained a mercenary who did dirty work for coin. At any rate, both these Geralts happened on a contract of an unusual sort, not least because it marked the start of a new adventure. And this adventure I will gladly relate.

Starting NPC

Additional Info

Go to Mulbrydale, in central Velen, west of Oxenfurt. Check the notice board – look for a letter with a wax seal and follow the instructions inside.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Meet the knights from Toussaint in Holloway

Ride to the east, towards Oxenfurt. Go past Devil’s Pit, and the next settlement you reach will be Holloway (Stonecutters’ Settlement). Talk to the knights.

Help Palmerin and Milton defeat the bandits

After agreeing to lend a hand, you’ll have to help the knights defend the village from the bandits, come sunrise. There will be about a dozen of them, all at level 35. Go for the archers first, to avoid being suppressed. After you’ve won, accept their offer and you’ll ride to Toussaint together.
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