The Beast Of Toussaint


The Beast of Toussaint is one of the main quests in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, in which you’ll investigate a murder and fight several monsters.

Key Facts

Category:Main Quest
Reward:Golyat trophy
50 experience points

Quest Text

No sooner had Geralt arrived in Toussaint than he got his first taste of the local color. As he was clip-clopping along the high road, chit-chatting with Milton and Palmerin, a most unusual sight unfolded before his eyes. Here was a knight, with all the expected accoutrements, charging headlong at a windmill! The situation became clear a moment later when a giant strode from behind the windmill and charged right back at the knight. Before anyone could say “Only in Toussaint,” the witcher and all three knights were swinging away at the brute, amidst the freshly crumbled ruins of the mill and a herd of panic-stricken sheep.

Additional Info

The quest will start automatically as soon as you arrive in Toussaint.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Defeat the giant

As you arrive in Toussaint, you’ll see a knight struggling to fight a giant called Golyat. Help him – try to stay behind the monster by circling him all the time, rolling away when you see him swing.

Use your witcher senses to search the riverbank

After the battle with Golyat, Milton will take you to the crime scene. Your witcher senses will lead you into the water, where you’ll find a monogrammed handkerchief. After talking to the people in the inn, you’ll have to go to Corvo Bianco.

Defeat the Bruxa

After arriving at the vineyard, you’ll have to enter the cellar and use your witcher senses to discover what maimed the guards. After finding the body, a Bruxa will appear.

She can teleport around the room, often ending up behind you. Using a Quen with stun is a good option. Let her hit you, then retaliate while she’s stunned.

You can also try casting the Yrden, so she can’t turn invisible and catch you unaware. For more info, check out our Bruxa guide

Defeat the shaelmaar

After you’re done with the Bruxa, talk to Palmerin. Your conversation will lead to a fight with a shaelmaar in the arena.

Use Aard to make him roll towards you. If you dodge the attack, he might slam into the wall, which will stun him and leave him open to attacks. If you want to know more about him, visit our Shaelmaar guide.

Find the clues in the scavenger hunt

After talking to the duchess, you’ll have to get a couple of items from the scavenger hunt.

The unicorn horn is on a horse. Approach it, and it will run away. Use your witcher senses to find some treats (carrots or apples) to appease it.

Go down to the pond where the swan-boats are and dive in. Use your witcher senses again to find the golden fish.

The quest will end after you find Anna and decipher the clues.

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