Extreme Cosplay


Extreme Cosplay is a side quest in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, in which you dress up as an elven warrior and fight stone statues.

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest
Reward:Ancient Elven Sword
300 Crowns

Quest Text

Sometimes traveling can be deadly dull – nothing but the slow crawl of the horizon, the sun beating down on your neck and the chirping of crickets.
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Other times, however, it can be surprisingly eventful, as a certain Gaston, a simple merchant from Toussaint, learned for himself when he happened across a mortally wounded man by the roadside. Though he provided aid as quickly as he could, the mysterious man soon bled to death. Right as he did, up walked the hero of my tale, Geralt.

Starting NPC

Additional Info

Follow the road out of Francollarts to the north-east. Turn right at the first crossroad and keep going until you see a man tending to a wounded person.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Investigate the estate grounds using your Witcher Senses

Follow the trail of blood into the estate on the south. Use your witcher senses to examine the scene of the fight. Don’t forget to climb up the stairs – that’s where the final piece of evidence is. Follow the smell to the door and knock on it.

Defeat the living statues

Light the six flames around the garden. Collect the bread, wine, sword and shield. Put the bread in the left bowl, the wine in the right. Equip the shield and sword you’ve just found and kneel. This will bring the statues to life.

Focus on the two spellcasters first. You can kite the fighters around the fountain.
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  1. Z

    One of the most difficult fight in the game. Mages are damn annoying. Their magic killed you in 1 hit on Highest difficulty. Plus fighting in the small area with 2 hand wielders. I fucking hate it when CDPR does this.

    1. I

      When you play alchemy build and bombs does 3k dmg x6 and this is easy af. Deathmarch however not new game plus.

  2. M

    Dodge, dodge, dodge. I know; it’s a small and tight spot but those statues require tact.
    Dodge the spells while avoiding the spear guys. Keep casting Quen when you can. Take out the spellcasters as soon as they’re clear from the fray. They can be done in by two/three heavy strikes.
    Once they’re gone, the fight gets a whole lot easier.
    DONT just charge the Spears. Try keeping your distance and lure one at a time. Take care when getting in close (REMEMBER QUEN) and use FAST not quick attacks and jump back. Keep at this and victory is yours…

    1. Y

      Maybe the casters can be killed with 2-3 heavy attacks on normal difficulty. On Death March they take a beating. This quest sucks

  3. C

    I went with igni on the soar guys first while kinda hiding behind tree then piercing cold on names, tough tough fought

    1. C

      spear* then mages* ugh!

  4. G
    gamar Rosadosanchez

    The best way to beat it is wheb you first start, jump to your right. You will see a set of stairs. Walk up to it the statues will not follow. There equip your strongest sword. Head down to attack (go for the mages) get a hit or two in then run back up. Do this until you kill them all. ( want to take on mages with no spearmen near)

  5. B

    WARNING: Quest MUST be completed after initiating. After enterining into the quest with defunct gear and a lack of prepartion, I reloaded my save file during the ‘detection’ sequence and decided to return later when better prepared. Upon doing so I discovered the door to the villa was locked and with a note pinned to the gate that, when read, prompts the ‘Quest Failed’ message and Geralt to remark “I guess I’ll never know what happened here”.

    I have tried, and failed, to gain re-entry into the villa as the quest sphere is still active on my mini map and in my quest log, but despite the wall seeming scalable – Geral just bumps into it. I had hoped CDPR would have learned that shutting the player out of quests is a very problematic issue for players, especially after many being infuriated with the Gwent collecting game. To experience it again without warning (I received no quest failed as soon as leaving the villa or later), otherwise I would have reloaded the save and attempted to persevere, was tedious in the extreme.

  6. J

    Easy fight people just aren’t preparing properly. Equip the sword and shield. Put Superior Hanged Man’s Venom on the sword, they are Golems but in Human/Non Human form. Consume Superior Full Moon, Superior Thunderbolt. When the fight starts turn right, fight the first mage, easy kill, start on the second mage. Hit a 10 second food item and consume Superior White Raffard’s Decoction. I killed all 6 in well under 2 minutes. Hope it helps.

  7. Z

    Greetings, fellow witchers !
    Just accomplished the fight in Death March following some tips in the current thread.
    Here is my own strategy. My Geralt was level 45 specialized in combat (with some basics in signs).

    Equipment > my best witcher armor and swords (Manticore gear)
    Sign #1 > QUEN (the normal shield)
    Sign #2 > IGNI with firestream (the flamethrower)

    STEP 1 > Rush to the stairs and prepare yourself to the fight, regenerate, take your best gear and swords and activate your QUEN shield. Ready ?
    STEP 2 > Run as fast as you can over the nearest Golem Caster and slash her as much as you can. Then return urgently to the stairs. Repeat until the first caster is out of combat.
    STEP 3 > Do the exact same thing (don’t forget your QUEN shield) with the other caster then return asap to the stairs. Repeat until the second caster is no more.
    STEP 4 > Equip IGNI and using dodge try to attract the Golem spearmen next to the stairs. Stay in the stairs, you’re now safe.
    STEP 5 > Use your flamethrower skill on the Golem spearmen, one after another, and finish them with some sunday’s BBQ style, super easy. Obviously you can kill them in combat with the usual dodge skill but I can assure you that it was especially enjoyable to see them burn like sausages, safely, considering the difficulty of the quest.

    Enjoy !

  8. M

    Won this fight easily by mind controlling the mages and dodging untill there was only one left.

    1. T

      LOL stop playing easy and try deathmatch . i played the whole damn game with deathmatch difficulty even played quest level requirement higher than what im a few times . even with alchemy and heavy combat build(prolly the best build) i can’t survive this shit without using northern wind to freeze em .

  9. C

    I just beat it also on Death March, it was a tough fight and took quite a few attempts but it is possible. My Geralt was a heavily combat based build (whirl,deadly precision,fast attack/adren skills) with a basic Aard/Axi signs skill, and the acquired tolerance alchemy also included. I used the method of initially running up the stairs and preparing for the fight, but as some have mentioned saving up here and reloading will cause the quest to bug and complete with the enemies still alive, so remember to apply all oils, potions, decoctions, and weapons and make it count!

    Key to winning the fight is good crowd control with bombs (northern wind, dancing star, and samum used to chain stun/burn) and short quick melee attacks focusing on the casters first, don’t hang around, 3 hits is enough or they will stun/stagger you. When HP is low, alternate between corners of the garden to escape LOS of the casters, regen life, and draw them into more bomb killzones.

    Keep moving and don’t get trapped, use Aard to keep your melee opponents back and disrupt the sorceresses spell attacks as much as possible, my build uses the extended Aard reach skill, and the piercing cold mutation to slow the melee further. Works well with a combination of ekhidna decoction, petris filter and tawny owl potions to maximize vitality & stamina regen & sign intensity, I also found the blizzard potion helped keep the pace of the fight manageable further into the fight when they start to die.

  10. D

    I had (unbelievably) no saves to load that wouldn’t take me far back. I tried and tried and I ended up running up the stairs then jumping onto a lil roof and jumping out.. It then went to cutscene and finished the quest. must be a glitch. If there’s no other way I suggest you try this.

  11. E

    The two mages can be pacified by throwing Northern Wind bombs directly at them. Kill them with 2-3 slashes. For me there’s just one major problem: Once you kill the two mages (and even without leaving the battleground), there are suddenly another two mages. That makes it impossible to win this fight! There must be several bugs in this quest. 🙁

  12. J

    When the statues come to life run up the stairs, heal and repair then manual save. You can then jump down and die….load up game and the success scene will play but the statues will still be there waiting. As soon as the cut scene ends run out of the compound and the pikemen will follow out which makes them easy kills so either kill them and go back in for the mages, or if you’re really over it I guess just walk away. I went back and killed them just because this is a bug and it could break something later on.

  13. J

    I’ll add that after I manual saved, I did throw a few bombs down before I died, not sure if that was necessary but I stumbled on this by accident so it might.

  14. G

    Finished this quest by running up the stairs and then throwing fire bombs from the landing at the soldier statues. Move around until Geralt stops battle stance and meditate for an hour and rinse repeat. When all soldiers are dead I went and freeze bombed the mages and killed them. Not exactly the way it was supposed to be done but it worked.

  15. G

    Easiest way I have found is to use Superior Northern Winds, makes this side quest a breeze.

  16. C
    Curtis Mears

    The key is to use the stairs to the right to rest. Go up the stairs and load up your equipment. Run down kill a mage. When you get low on health, go back up the stairs. Heal, repeat.

  17. B
    Bilbo Baggins

    Dimentarium bombs completely shutdown the mages. Literally the only time in the entire game that I used them.

  18. K

    Dodge around kiting the melee; then dragon dream to crowd control them, and rush the casters. Keep consuming food to keep healh regenerating (casters can 1 or 2 shot you).

    I am dmg build with feline gear. Every time a melee does happen to get close, I dodge + quick attack for bleed effect, then continue the above.

    Bleeding/burning/poison DOT effects either kill or severely drain kited melee guys while I focus on casters.

    Do not rush melee dudes (especially spears). They’ll mess you up quick and hold you to be nuked by casters.

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