Fencing Lessons


Fencing Lessons is a secondary quest in Novigrad, available a day after you’ve agreed to train Rosa fencing following the Broken Flowers Main Quest.

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Guard Captain


Following contains quest spoilers.
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You’ve been warned

Go to the var Attre residence to give Rosea fencing lessons.

Walk up to the Guard Captain at the Var Attre residence. He will inform you that Rosa has went on a walk near Temple Bridge and requested that you meet her there.

Meet with Rosa.

Rosa and her bodyguard are waiting for you at the Tretegor Gate at the eastern outskirts of Novigrad. She will tell you to follow her.

Rosa will lead you to the bridge over the Pontar river and then order you to fight her with real weapons. She will quickly change her mind, however, yielding the fight and telling you to turn around so that she could adjust her corset.

When you turn back again, you will see that she’s disappeared.

Find Rosa.

Use your Witcher Senses to track her footprints. You will find her at the Seven Cats Inn outside of town, with two drunks bothering her. You can handle the situation in several ways.

Make your choice and complete the quest.
Choice 1

Tell them to piss off.

This will start a fight with the two drunkards, nothing you can’t handle.
Choice 2

Bribe them.

You can give them 50 crowns to get them to leave.
Choice 3

Have them apologize and leave.

You will need Axii Level 2 to do this.
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