Hey, You Wanna Look At My Stuff?


Hey, You Wanna Look at My Stuff is a secondary quest you begin by talking to a halfling merchant at a cobblestone street near the northwest harbor of Silverton.

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest
Reward:Able to purchase alchemy recipes and reagents should you not turn in the merchant.

Quest Text

Additional Info

As you chat with the halfling he will offer you what he calls the deal of a lifetime.
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Whether you ask to see his wares, or tell him you do not deal with vultures, it will not matter as the halfling flees at the sight of a witch hunter patrol.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Answer the patrol

One of the witch hunter patrol asks what the halfling was doing, you choose to say…
Choice 1

The truth

Tell the patrol the halfling was selling possessions of dead mages.

This will conclude the quest with no reward, and you won’t be able to find the halfling again.
Choice 2

A lie

You tell the patrol the hafling left his soup on a burner.

After the patrol moves on, you can decide to look for the halfling.

Find the halfling

As the patrol walks away, use your witcher senses at the place where halfling was standing.

You should observe a dropped bottle, and a cloud emanating from it.
Following the cloud through the shoreline street will bring you to the halfling.

Speaking with him will allow you to purchase alchemy recipes and reagents from him.
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  1. T

    where is the bottle location cause i left the area and now the quest is only showing me where the halfling would be if i had found the bottle.

  2. P

    Hint for people who left the area and now can´t find the bottle: load an old savegame, where the quest hasn´t started yet. start the quest, give the soupe answer and use your whitcher sense and use the bottle. follow the line of the cloud to the position of the halfling. load the savegame, where you left the area and the bottle is wanished, go to same place where the halfling stands on the end of the cloud. Hope i could help.

  3. E

    Um, thanks pretator. But truthfully, reloading prior to the quest isn’t an option for most people looking at how to complete this. That video game 101 stuff. I did this a long time ago and now can’t remember where the halfling was and there isn’t any bottle trail to be picked up where the quest says to go. Hopefully this will get fixed by the dev’s and the quest will point to where the halfling was so it can be started using witcher senses.

  4. T

    I found him. He is near the water on the west side of the map, i took 2 pictures

    1. R
      Random Googler

      Thanks buddy, I’d have surely missed him if not for those pics.

  5. S

    I finished the quest but when I finish talking to him for the last time the quest doesnt say updated then completed or either of them. And he’s still there. The quest is just stuck in my secondary even tho I said he forgot a pot on the stove, followed his trail to him, talked to him even bought a few things and the quest is still open… Any ideas please? Seems to DEFINITLEY. Be another problem with him that needs to be addressed.

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