I Wore Ofieri Before It Was Cool Achievement - Witcher 3

I Wore Ofieri Before It Was Cool is an achievement/trophy in The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone. To get the trophy, you’ll need 4 pieces of Ofieri gear – Ofieri Scale Armor (chest piece), Ofieri Shalovary (trousers), Ofieri Gauntlents, Ofieri Boots, at least one sword and a saddle.
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Note: This achievement is bugged. Even if you collect all of the items, you still might not get it.

Ofieri armor set location

The Ofieri armor set can be collected during the quest From Ofier’s Distant Shores. The quest sends you to find four diagrams in a foreign language, which you need to take to the Ofieri merchant in Upper Mill, who will translate them for you. Take a look at our detailed screenshot guide Ofieri Armor Locations

Ofieri Saber

The same Ofieri merchant in Upper Mill also sells Ofieri Decorated Saber level 35 and a diagram for Ofieri Saber (relic) level 38.

Ofieri horse gear

You can get the Ofieri saddle by racing the Ofieri merchant in Upper Mill. Supposedly, there should be more horse items of this kind but there aren’t – hence the bug. The next patch should fix this issue one way or another – either by adding more horse equipment, or by awarding the trophy to everyone who earned it.

I Wore Ofieri Before It Was CoolWe’ll update the guide once the issue is fixed.




  1. B

    1.11 patch fixed the bug, you can now purchase the missing horse gear from the Ofieri merchant and get the achievement.

  2. S

    Nope….still bugged as of today 10th Feb 2018 on Xbox 1 x

  3. G

    Still bugged!!!!! (May 21 2018, ps4.)
    I have all the armor and an ofieri tunic. (not part of the diagrams.) I have all horse gear. (Saddle, blinders, and bags.) And two different swords. Pretty lame something as simple as an achiviment is bugged out so close to 100 percent

  4. G

    Still bugged!!!!! I have all the armor

  5. D

    Working as of version 1.62 on PS4 Pro.

  6. E

    Hey i play on PC. I have all the armour, 1 sword, 1 horseblinder and the saddlebags, i have however sold the ofieri saddle… But i did own it at some point. can this be why i dont get the achievment?

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