Sword, Fame And Infamy


Sword, Fame and Infamy is a secondary quest in the Hearts of Stone expansion pack for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest
Reward:Various loot.

Quest Text

In a certain cellar located near a nest of drowners, Geralt found a body.
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Quite curiously, the deceased had not been torn apart by the monsters, but seemed to have died of thirst, having been barricaded in the cellar by some third party. Near the body Geralt found a key and some notes, all of which he took with him.

Starting NPC

Additional Info

During the main quest “Evil’s Soft First Touches”, you’ll come across a dilapidated cottage close to the shore, surrounded by Drowners. Go inside the cottage and use Aard to blast away some barrels off a trapdoor on the ground. Open the door and descend down the ladder to the cellar bellow. There you’ll find a corpse; loot it to take a Letter written in Blood and a Rusted Key.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Read Brother Anselm’s letter.

Find the sunken ship using your Witcher Senses.

The sunken ship is located off the island to the southwest of the cottage (check the map below). Take the boat to the western shore of the island. There is some loot in a crate in the shallows.

Once you’ve looted the crate, dive into the water and head to the marked area on your mini map. You’ll see a sunken boat ahead and to the left, along with two level 33 drowners. You can avoid the drowners and just loot the chest in the boat, if you do not feel like fighting. Take the loot from the chest to complete the quest.

The sunken ship is to the southwest

Loot the crate to the left, in the shallows
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