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Ofieri Armor Set is level 38 Witcher gear from the Hearts of Stone expansion. You can get it by collecting 4 pieces of Ofieri gear during the quest From Ofier’s Distant Shores.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find 4 pieces of Ofieri gear.

After obtaining all pieces of Ofieri Armor (gauntlets, chest armor, trousers and boots) you can complete I Wore Ofieri Before It Was Cool Achievement / Trophy if you also get one sword and a saddle.

Ofieri Armor

The Ofieri armor set can be obtained through a quest called From Ofier’s Distant Shores. It tasks you with finding four diagrams in a foreign language, which you need to take to the Ofieri merchant in Upper Mill. He will translate them for you, so you can craft the pieces: Ofieri Scale Armor (chest piece), Ofieri Shalovary (trousers), Ofieri Gauntlents, Ofieri Boots

Ofieri Saber

The Ofieri merchant in Upper Mill sells one Ofieri Saber and a diagram for another. They’re both steel, so check the stats before you pick.

Ofieri armor stats

The Ofieri set is a level 38 light armor set. It increases stamina regeneration and greatly improves sign intensity – a great choice for almost all Signs builds. On the flipside, it doesn’t provide any protection from piercing or elemental damage, so keep your guard up.

Crafting materials

Some of the materials you’ll need to craft the set can only be obtained by dismantling precious stones, while others can be found laying around. Here’s what you’ll need:

Diagram nameMaterials Needed
Ofieri Scale Armor
  • Cured Draconid Leather x3
  • Cured Leather x2
  • Amethyst Dust x1
  • Ruby Dust x2
  • Emerald Dust x1
Ofieri Sharovary
  • Silk x2
  • Cured Leather x2
  • Sapphire Dust x2
  • Ruby Dust x1
  • Amethyst Dust x1
Ofieri Gauntlets
  • Cured Leather x2
  • Steel Ingot x2
  • Sapphire Dust x1
  • Emerald Dust x2
  • Amber Dust x1
Ofieri Boots
  • Hardened Leather x2
  • Steel Ingot x2
  • Amber Dust x2
  • Ruby Dust x2
  • Amethyst Dust x2




  1. T
    The glitcher

    This quest is bugged for me, the chespiece isnt in the chest

  2. C

    Same here. Between this and the wolven gear, I am disappointed in an otherwise legendary game.

    1. J

      I agree. Between the wolf school gear and this I’m a little disappointed. No complaints otherwise. Awesome game.

  3. J

    The chest piece wasn’t in the chest for me either neither was the Wolf Gear I think it’s bullshit they make you pay for an expansion that you can’t even complete.

  4. A
    Andross 13

    There’s plenty more bugged quests than these. It’s as bas as a Bethesda game so broken on consoles. Hideous. A shame as there’s some really goodstuff in rhere too. But if you can’t get all trophies in a game that is the poibt whwre it becomes unforgivable.

    1. A
      Andross 13

      See even my commentwas glitched simply by association.

  5. L
    Life of Agony N.Y.H.C

    No chest piece. Total crap. Pay extra I expect extra

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