Strangers In The Night


Strangers in the Night is another short secondary quest set in the countryside surrounding the city of Novigrad.

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Following contains quest spoilers.
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You’ve been warned

A conversation that goes awry.

This quest can be started near the village of Oraas – go past the sunflowers and to the river bank. You will come across a group of travelers near a small outpost of Redanian soldiers. A soldier by the name of Rufus is conversing with Theophile, a scholar, and Manfred, a merchant. You have two options.
Choice 1

Introduce yourself and leave.

Choice 2

Ask about the situation in the area.

Rufus will soon start accusing Manfred of being a spy in the guise of a merchant.

Even if you try to calm them down, Rufus will unsheathe his sword and point it at Manfred. There are several ways in which you can deal with the situation.
Choice 1

Stay out of the fight.

You will get nothing.
Choice 2

Side with Rufus and kill Manfred.

Rufus will give you a diagram for your trouble.
Choice 3

Side with Manfred and kill Rufus.

Manfred will give you a diagram for helping him out.
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  1. G

    Unconfirmed bc I only have one play through but if you side with the guard I believe he might help you in the ‘a deadly plot’ quest later on, or at least a guard with his character model helps you. Could just be how the quest goes though.

  2. D

    I didn’t get a diagram for following the line: “Introduce self -> Hands off merchant” and killing the guard with the merchant. Maybe I already had the diagram I was supposed to be given? Tried it twice, so doesn’t seem to be a random diagram, but whatever it is, you don’t get the same diagram from the two options.

  3. T

    If you side with the guard and hang around after the quest ends he will confirm the merchant was a spy while searching his body. He will say “Ah I had it right, purse full of Nilfguardian florens”

    1. W

      Thats not conclusive proof though. He is a travelling merchant, we know that many merchants pass by the Nilfgaardian Camp in Velen so we can assume hes been there plenty of times, so its not out of the ordinary for him to carry some Nilfgaardian currency, regardless of whether he sold wares to them or if he used it to do trade with other merchants. Hes a sophisticated man, obviously well-travelled.

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