Toad Prince Boss Fight | The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone

Toad Prince is a boss in The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone. You’ll get to fight him at the end of the Evil’s Soft First Touches quest.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you how to kill Toad Prince in Hearts of Stone.

How to beat Frog Boss

The Toad Prince has 5 distinct attacks:
  • Straight tongue slap – When you’re far away from him, he’ll try to slap you with his tongue. Goes in a straight line.
  • Wide tongue swipe – If you’re within a few metres, he’ll execute a wide angle swipe.
  • Jump – If you’re really close to him, he will jump up and land onto you with all his might. The window for dodging it is really short.
  • Long-range spit – Another attack for when you’re far away. The green ball of spit goes in a straight line, but can be dodged easily.
  • Gas bombs – He spits out three bombs, which explode into clouds of poisonous gas on impact.

How to kill Toad Prince

We defeated him using a new character with a Signs build, on Death March difficulty, without reaching for our swords once. We used 4 Greater Blue Mutagens, with Swallow, Tawny Owl and Thunderbolt in our quick slots. The secret is to never stop moving. If you keep circle-strafing around him, you’ll evade most of his attacks without even trying actively.

witcher 3 hos frog bossCast Quen as soon as the battle starts. Keep circling him and dodge when necessary. Slowly get close to him while circling, fire off Igni, then put some slight distance between you. When you see him jump, roll away. When he fires the gas bombs, get out of the gas and use Igni on it. If you want to take the risk, you could try to lure the boss into the gas before blowing it up, but it’s best to just clear it out as soon as it appears.

Just be patient and stay on your toes. Don’t rush it, watch him move so you can dodge his attacks, and burn him whenever you have the opportunity.

Update: If you have a melee build this fight should be played differently. Here are some tips on how to defeat the Toad boss in Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone as melee.

Toad is very resistant to melee attacks. The fight takes much longer and is harder to master, but it is doable. The key to fighting him as melee is the Yrden sign. Toad is vulnerable to its trap. As the fight starts avoid the toad’s attacks and try and get closer to him, but not too close or it will tongue swipe you or jump AOE you. place Yrden and back away from the toad. It will slowly start following you and get stunned by Yrden. You have time to place three strikes on it and it will jump away. If your quick strikes have the bleeding effect, it helps in this fight. Full strong attack build is also good, since you can land three strong attacks before it escapes. As soon as it jumps away dodge roll, because the toad will retaliate. Once it starts shooting out poison balls destroy them with Igni and go back to placing Yrden and slashing at it. The tough part of this fight is that most of its attacks do significant damage and you must avoid getting hit at all costs. At Death March difficulty it took all 4 Swallow potions and all the food I had in my inventory to survive the fight. Toad is also vulnerable to Northern Wind bombs and cursed oil, so using these should speed up the fight a bit. You can also use Igni from time to time, but I found that it is hard to have a spare Igni and Yrden is much more effective for melee fight.

witcher 3 toad prince melee
Yrden sign helps when you are fighting melee style.
You can see an example of the melee fight in the video bellow:




  1. L
    Lars Karlsson

    I found rolling towards the flanks of the toad very useful. Give him one or two hits, then roll away. The rolling makes one less sensitive to the staggering effect of his jumps.

  2. M

    Using yrden is pretty good as well!

  3. L

    im level 32 and still cant beat him

    1. W

      I beat him on Death March at level 32, he was difficult but good thing I keep a medium armor kit, I used the Griffin school ability to get faster stamina regen and used the fire ability to torch his ass and just ranged him the entire fire, it only took about 15 mins tops, I tried same thing with my light armor and cat school, but it only does about half the damage

  4. D

    I killed him dodging all the time + igni and bombs that burn the enemy. Difficult: death march, level 35. This boss is really difficult.

  5. W

    Golden Oriole makes this fight stupid easy on any difficulty, especially if you have the superior version. Just waltz into his poison clouds to quickly heal any damage and resume hacking/burning your way down his hp.

    1. S

      exactly what i did

  6. P

    Thyssen armor (lvl 30) really help too, 100% poison resistance!, but don’t provides any monster defence, so using this together with the griffin decoction is another alternative.

  7. S

    Guys Exploding bolts did the trick for me. 3000 critical damage.

  8. L

    does anybody encounter a serious bug on this fight in PS4? I just bought my copy of HoS last week, went on this part, then *bam* my bombs just flew through the stinky toad. I aimed correctly, mind you. Also, I could not use my potions in quick slot! Died in no time, tried it again, same thing happened. So I immediately rage quitted while muttering “a d’yaebl aep arse”*, went to the tavern* for few hours then came back to play. And fortunately the game went normal again!

    *) as if.

  9. M

    You don’t even have to be close to the toad to cast a magic trap. Just place the trap near the center of the area and then jump away. The toad will hop right into the trap and then you can move in to attack. The area of the trap and the size of the toad is actually big enough for this to be effective most of the time. Just keep dodging until the toad lands into the circle.

  10. J

    So… the most efficient way to beat this boss is by doing the exact opposite of the only clue the game gives you (“don’t use fire”)?

    That’s kinda lame. :p

  11. M

    I found the most effective tactic on Deathmarch with upscaling (lvl 34) to just spam Igni and Dancing Star bomb. Frog is takes a ton of damage from burning effect, so just keep constantly spamming these to apply it. Quen up and dodge a lot. You can use the poison clouds and Superior Golden Oriole to heal up. Trying to meele him is absolute pain in the ass.

  12. F

    A very important potion to use is Golden Oriole because he spit’s poison and GO makes poison regenerate your health and if you’re low on health get as far away from him as possible then he will spit poison and you’ll regenerate health rapidly ( I used the superior GO )

  13. J

    If you were paying attention to all the witcher sense discoveries then you should have doubted the initial “not scared of fire” comment. You can also discover he wasn’t as complacent with the Drowners as one might have thought.

    First time through. Level 33. Died 3 times before I got him. I only have the igni armor destruction skill, quen and axii Upgrades.

    Armor and weapons were geared towards critical damage. Usually I backed off and threw the two fire type bombs, that bugged him out enough for some swordplay. And hurt. Only landed yren once, tried more but it wasn’t worth the risk at the 0 point investment I had. Axii worked well instead if I was close enough and needed a breif window to attack.

    Was on the 3rd difficulty setting.

    Did anyone else try and counter his shining toungue swipes? They practically screamed weak spot but I never managed.

  14. D

    This might be the dumbest fucking boss fight I’ve ever encountered. It’s just plain shit. Not fun at all

  15. V

    With my ursine armour combat+alchemy build I had 0 point in sign….on DM enemy upscaling….I used golden oriole, water hag, archgriffin, thunderbolt, towny owl, sup blizzard, +some white raftar or swallow if needed. I had 290 toxicity. Use northern wind + full charge rend…obviously only 4 times you can and 2 yrd3n traps was all that needed….save 2 northern wind when health is below 30%..don’t know why :p … You have to dodge+quen

  16. A

    Okay I too had a shock when I confronted the Prince Toad. I was having a a Master Crafted Feline Armor at lvl 35 on Death March – Full Alchemy Build. I reloaded the Game, went to my Stash and got my Master Crafted Ursine Armour. Applied the Cursed oil on my Ursine Silver Sword Master Crafted and Put Golden Oriole, Ekimara Decoction Swallow and Thinderbolt in my quick slot. Bombs 9 each of Dancing Star and Grapeshot.

    After killing all the drowners I faced this Prince Toad. Apparently it was very easy once you realise its attack Pattern.
    Health Regen: Golden Oriole will provide you with health regen. Don’t mistake to stand in the way of Toads Spit of Poison, GO only heals your health for a small amount . Instead go and stand in the poison cloud generated by that poisonous liquid. I had to use swallow for only 2 times I guess.

    Killing Prince Toad: Dancing Star apparently does a lot of damage. All the 9 Dancing Star (with Cluster Bombs Activated) almost halved the health. Meaning 1.5 bar remaining. you can Try to hit him with your sword while Toad is perturbed by the fire effect of Dancing Star. Cursed oil Effect is awesome while doing so. Now the health bar of Prince Toad should be 50% of 1st Bar. Most Probably your bombs are over Now use Yrden to lock this guy for a shot while to get 2 hits dodge and repeat for 2-3 times and Geralt will go into Automatic mode to kill him.

    Alchemy Build even on Death March feels OP.

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