Novigrad Hospitality


Novigrad Hospitality is a secondary quest that could use some manners.

Key Facts

Location:Velen (No Man’s Land)
Category:Side Quest

Quest Text

On the high road outside Novigrad Geralt came across a merry band of troubadours who invited him to join them around the campfire and partake of tasty beverages.
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The witcher naturally never turns down such propositions and so gladly took them up on it.

Starting NPC

Additional Info

There is a bard reclining in the shade just off the road from Beanston to Chateau Sarrasin. Victor and Gascogne are seeking inspiration at the bottom of a glass of vodka and are asking you to join them. Accept to start the quest.

Later in the night, the strong alcohol finally gets to your head, you can decide to call it a day or have one last round.

When you wake up, you’ll realize that the two friend have left, taking the tent, the booze, and all your equipment.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Track down the bards using your Witcher Senses and recover your equipment.

The thieves are not for away, head southeast to the objective area and use your Witcher Senses to find their footprints. Follow them to the village of Beanston and turn left at the Notice Board. You will find them behind the inn, celebrating.

They will quickly hand you your gear back; they aren’t much a fighting type. You can choose to leave it at that, or you can force them to take off clothes as punishment. They aren’t worth anything, but at least you’ll get satisfaction. The quest is now over.
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    How about you do your research instead of contributing to the cesspool of misinformation plaguing this game, ey?

    Taking their stuff DOES give you something. Their ‘stuff’ is combined into a single Junk item that can be sold for 100 coins.

    You’re welcome, you incompetant website.

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