Out On Your Arse!


Out On Your Arse is a secondary quest which begins in front of Novigrad’s brothel called Crippled Kate’s.

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Speak to the prostitute outside Crippled Kate’s.
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She will tell you a story about how yesterday a group of Skelligers came, beat up the innkeep, threw out the girls and just sat on drinking without stopping.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Get rid of the drunk Skelligers.

As you enter the brothel, you will be confronted by four Skelligers.
Their leader Yormund from the Isle of Faroe speaks with you, and now you must decide on the next course of action.

Note: If you finished a secondary quest "The Lord of Undvik" you will gain access to a fourth option.

By telling the Skelligers you fought an ice giant, it will strike fear and awe into their bones, thus leaving without causing trouble.
Choice 1

Mano e Mano

Challenge Yormund to a fistfight, if you win the Skelligers will leave the premises.
Choice 2

Taste my Wrath

Tell them to leave, or else.

Then it turns into a three-way fight, as well as a pretty difficult fistfight.
Choice 3

It’s just a delusion

Use Axii on them, after which they will leave with nothing but confusion in their minds.

Speak to the harlot

As you make the Skelligers leave on their feet or arses, speak to the prostitute outside to collect your reward.

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    If you’ve also killed the ice giant during a quest in Skelliger you can mention your little victory at which point they will promptly leave the building with no hassle.

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