Phantom Of The Trade Route


Phantom of the Trade Route is a Witcher Contract in which you’ll have to find out what happened to a group of villagers escorting a caravan in Velen.

Key Facts

  • Wyvern Mutagen
  • Wyvern Egg
  • Wyvern Hide
  • Wyvern Trophy
  • Crowns

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Additional Info

The best way to start this contract is to go to the village of Benkelham and talk to the refugees who need your help.
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Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Find the missing caravan.

Once in Benkelham, speak to the refugge that is sitting next to a ruined cottage. He needs you to find out what happened to a merchant caravan that has gone missing. The merchants hired some men from the village as guides, but they haven’t returned. Barter for a better reward if you wish, then accept the contract. Also, remember the name Thormil: he was in charge of the villagers that were guiding the caravan and is also the refugee’s brother.

Head north out of Benkelham, along the main road and downhill to an upturned cart. Use your Witcher Senses to find out the following:
  • someone was bound, but freed quickly with a dull blade
  • footprints from a spilled barrel of wine
  • claw marks on a rock nearby
  • someone was panickly running away, but the footsteps end abruptly
It appears that something with wings swooped down from the sky and grabbed the unfortunate man. It must be a wyvern or a forktail. Fillow the stench of Kaedweni wine up the hill, to the northeast.

Follow the scent.

The scent will lead you uphill and to a rough path that ends at the entrance to a cave. Near it you’ll find the corpse of one of the refugees from the caravan.

Explore the cave.

Head inside, where you’ll meet two refugees hiding. Talk to them and ask about Thomil. He didn’t make it, but you learn that the beast you’re after is a royal wyvern.

Find the wyvern’s nest.

Head deeper into the cave, up the naturally formed rock steps that lead to the south, then keep climbing higher until you can see a light at the exit. Step into it and prepare to face two young wyverns. Kill them.

Destroy the wyvern’s nest (2).

Approach the two wywern’s nests, comprised of bone, wood, and spittle, and destroy them. When you destroy both nests, the royal wyvern will swoop down, angered by your actions.

Kill the royal wyvern.

You should consult your bestiary for tips on how to defeat it. The wyvern is vulnerable to Golden Oriole potion, Grapeshot bomb, Draconid oil, and the Aard sign. Bring the wyvern to the ground with crossbow or magic, then finish it off.

Take a trophy from the royal wyvern.

When the wyvern’s lifeless corpse falls to the ground, loot it to get the ingredients and the trophy.

Collect your reward.

The two refugees will then appear, amazed at what you’ve been able to do. They say that they will tell tales of your deed that day. Head back to Benkelham and talk to the refugee who gave you the contract. He’ll give you your reward and the contract will be completed.
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