Rose On A Red Field


Rose on a Red Field is a secondary quest you can embark on if you want to do some investigating.

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“The White Wolf”, “the Butcher of Blaviken” – Geralt gathered many sobriquets on his Path, one of which was the colorful and, I dare say, apt, appellation of “Puss Peepers.” This he gained during his adventure with Olgierd, when a cheeky young woman in Olgierd’s company pinned him as the man best able to track down the scoundrel who killed her friend, Kluivert.
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Starting NPC

Name: Young woman

Additional Info

When you first exited Olgierd’s manor, you were stopped by a young woman who wanted you to investigate the murder of her friend Kluivert.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Investigate Bowdon for clues about Kluivert’s murder using your Witcher Senses.

Go to the abandoned village of Bowdon northwest of Garin Estate. There will be several level 32 Ghouls in and around the village, so be prepared for a fight. When you get into the village, Geralt will smell notice that something is smells odd.

Find the source of the strong odor using your Witcher Senses.

Use your Witcher Senses to track the smell to one of the cottages, inside of which you’ll find what appears to be some sort of cooking equipment. You’ve found the source of the smell.

Search the hut using your Witcher Senses.

On the opposite side of the hut, on a table, there is a note titled “Warning letter”. Whoever was living in the cottage was apparently making narcotics.

To the left of the table, on the bed beside the window you’ll find some bootprints.

Investigate around the hut for clues about the man who fled out the window.

Go outside and move to the window to which the tracks on the bed were pointing. There are some uneven footprints directly below the window, with more leading out past some bushes and into a nearby corn field. You’ll come across the body of a man with a scar on his forehead. It appears you’ve found Kluivert, who was shot with a crossbow from close range. From the village, apparently.

Look around for signs of the man who shot the bolt using your Witcher Senses.

Head back to the village the same way you came, then turn left and follow the corn field’s wooden fence. You’ll find a set of foot prints close by. They were left by the shooter.

Follow the shooter’s tracks using your Witcher Senses.

Follow the tracks to the village, where you’ll find hoof prints that lead toward the hill.

Follow the horses’ tracks.

Keep following the tracks, but be on your guard as there are level 33 Drowners lurking about. You will eventually reach a camp with some knights.

Defeat the Knights.

The Knights will attack you the moment they see you, so prepare for a fight. There are six knights, all level 33.

Explore the knights’ camp.

Once the knights are dead, go to the loaded cart next to the cottage and read the note there.

Read the document you found in the fallen knights’ camp.

The fallen knights apparently have a laboratory to the northwest of Brunwich. You’ll need to head there, but first loot the cottage.

Investigate the fallen knights’ lab northwest of Brunwich.

Head through the forest to the lab. About halfway between the camp and the lab, you’ll come across a fallen knights’ lookout post. There are around seven level 33 fallen knights- kill them all. Once you’ve dispatched them, search around for valuable loot. Now proceed down the hill to the lab.

When you get there, you’ll be greeted by two unfriendly knights. You’ll have three ways of dealing with them.
Choice 1

Kill them.

Choice 2

Use Axii on them.

You’ll get 40 experience points.
Choice 3

Bribe them.

It will cost you 1000 Crowns.

Investigate the fallen knights’ lab northwest of Brunwich. (2)

Once you’ve dealt with the two knights, enter the cottage behind them. Loot whatever you want and proceed to the other end of the cottage, which will open into a large cavern.

Inside, you’ll be brought before the leader of the group, Ulrich, a disgruntled knight who will challenge you to combat. Prepare to fight him and around 8 other fallen knights, all level 32.

To finish the quest, you only need to kill Ulrich- you can try to avoid fighting the other knights if you wish.

Go to the woman who hired you to collect your reward.

Now that Ulrich is dead, go to the Alchemy Inn on the main square in Oxenfurt to meet with the woman who sent you on the quest and get your reward.
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    Kris Kurz

    On A Rose In A Red Field, it does not work if you kill just Ulrich. You have to kill all the knights. Unless there is glich in my game. Multiple times I killed Ulrich, then I died fighing the other knights. My game never moved on. I have killed Ulrich about 5 times and each time I was killed later by the other knights. Juat now, I was finally able to beat this area, after I killed every knight.

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