Shrieker is a Witcher Contract in which you’ll have to go after a beast that has been preying on the people in the lower village in Crow’s Perch.

Key Facts

  • Cockatrice Egg
  • Cockatrice Stomach
  • Cockatrice Trophy
  • Crowns

Quest Text

Starting NPC

Name: Notice Board

Additional Info

The best way to start this contract is to go to the Notice Board in Crow’s Perch and read the notice.
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Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Talk to the contract issuer.

Go to the lower village in Crow’s perch and look for Chet. He’ll be by his cottage. Speak with him to learn that a shrieker has been giving him problems. It has made its nest close by and is killing anyone who approaches it. Barter for a better reward if you wish, then accept the contract.

(Optional) Talk to the witness to the shrieker’s attack.

A small boy by the name of Symko, Borzoy’s on, has witnessed one of the shrieker’s attacks. You can find him staring at the grass on the cottage’s eastern side. He will not be inclined to talk at first, so keep at it until he reveals that the shrieker is a huge rooster that has the tail of a lizard. Calm the boy with words or Axii, then head on your way.

Investigate the site of the shrieker’s attack using your Witcher Senses.

Leave Crow’s Perch and head south to the objective area that is south of the Burned Ruins signpost. Use your Witcher Senses to find:
  • the corpse of Symko’s dog
  • tracks leading from the corpse
  • monster blood close to the edge of the water

Follow the blood tracks using your Witcher Senses.

Track the blood to the northwest; it will lead you to the entrance to a cave located close to the northeastern portion of the moat of Crow’s Perch and west of the Burned Ruins. Inspect the tracks to see that they are from a cockatrice.

Find the monster’s lair.

Go though the cave entrance you’ve discovered. You’ll find yourself in a large cavern. Use your Witcher Senses to find droppings on a high ledge.

Drive the monster out of its lair.

Throw a Grapeshot, Samum, or Dancing Star bomb onto the ledge. When it explodes, the shrieker will disappear through an upper exit.

Chase down and the monster.

Go back the way you came and exit the cave. Summon your horse and track the beast as it flies away. It should be fairly easy to catch it if you force Roach into a gallop. Drop it from the sky and finish it off.

Kill the monster.

Check your Bestiary for information on how to fight this beast. It is vulnerable to Grapeshot bomb, Draconid oil and the Aard sign.

Take a trophy from the shrieker.

Once you’ve killed the winged beast, loot its corpse and take the trophy and the ingredients.

Collect your reward from the contract issue

Return to Chet in Crow’s Perch and inform him of your success. He will present some coins he managed to gather for your reward. You can take the coin or tell him to keep it for his son. You can also speak with Symko and tell him that his father’s death has been avenged. The choice is up to you. The contract has been completed.
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