There Can Be Only One


You can grab the “There Can Be Only One” quest from the notice board in Beauclair city. You have to pick up the note “Test Yourself with the Trials of the Virtues!” and read it to start the quest.
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Key Facts

Category:Side Quest
Reward:Unique Silver Sword: “Aerondight”.

Quest Text

Upon a notice board in Toussaint, Geralt found a call to all who wished to submit to a Test of Virtue. The notice’s mysterious author summoned any who dared to an isle upon Lac Celavy, where they would have a chance to prove their worthiness of character. He who successfully completed the test would receive a reward. Though Geralt had never thought of himself as particularly virtuous, he found the summons intriguing and decided to go to the appointed spot to learn what the trials entailed.

Starting NPC

Additional Info

This is an amazing quest with one of the best (if not the best) weapons in the game. You can complete the objectives in many ways throughout the main story and the side quests. We have completed and written a guide on how to complete its objectives during certain side missions.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Talk to the hermit and read the inscriptions on the stones.

The hermit can be found on the small island in the middle of the lake found northwest of the capital city – Beauclair.

Wait for a chance to prove you are a man of honor.

At the same Beauclair city notice board where you have picked up the “There Can Be Only One” quest, you should grab and complete the quest called “Till Death Do You Part”. At the very end of this quest you have to choose the first option: “Actually, just a marital spat”, to complete the honor challenge.

“Till Death Do You Part” is a quest involving two ghosts.

Choose: [Actually, just a marital spat].

Wait for a chance to prove your wisdom.

The quest you want to complete for this part is called “Father Knows Worst”. You can grab it from the notice board in Beauclair city or from The Cockatrice Inn. At the very end of this quest you have to choose the second option: “No one dies. Not today.”

“Father Knows Worst” tells a story about three brothers.

Wait for a chance to prove you are capable of compassion.

At the Cockatrice Inn, you can grab the quest “Big Game Hunter”. During this quest, you need to help the count in his adventures, save the animals (don’t harm them), ask about his family and, in the end, visit him at his exhibit.

You can start this quest at the Cockatrice Inn notice board.

… choose to visit Count Beledal at his exhibit.

Wait for a chance to prove your generosity.

Once you go into Beauclair city, a boy will approach you and give you a letter. This also starts the “Turn and Face the Strange” quest that unlocks Mutations. Give the boy a tip to prove your generosity!

Wait for a chance to prove your valor.

One of the ways to prove your valor is to complete the “Feet as Cold as Ice” quest. You can start this quest near the cave northwest of Beauclair city. Help the knight with his adventure and at the end of the mission choose the option “Take the damned head, go back to Beauclair”.

Fight the hermit.

You don’t have to deplete the hermit’s entire health pool, you just have to take him low enough to start the ending cutscene.
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