Till Death Do You Part


Till Death Do You Part is a side quest in Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, in which you get to facilitate a divorce between two ghosts.

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest
Reward:“Forged in Fire” magic steel sword
Several gwent cards

Quest Text

While roaming through Beauclair’s charmingly romantic streets, Geralt learned of a circumstance thoroughly charmless and unromantic. Come night, something was making much tastelessly grating noises at the city cemetery.

Starting NPC

Additional Info

Go to the notice board and pick up the note called “Contract: Quarelling at The Cemetery”. Go to the Clever Clogs tavern and talk to the quest giver in order to start it. He’ll send you to investigate strange sounds coming from the cemetery.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Using your Witcher Senses, search the cemetery for the source of the noises.

Make sure you explore the part above the ground – the cemetery itself. You’ll find several clues which Geralt will dismiss, so you’ll have to return at night. Once you’re back, follow the sound into the catacombs and the small crypt to the left of the entrance.

Take Louis or Margot’s urn from the crypt.

After discovering it was the ghosts making the noises, you’ll have to choose who to evict. Both of them have a right to a place in the crypt, but one has to go. Choosing which one will determine the reward.
Choice 1

Take Louis’ urn

If you choose to move Louis, Margot will tell you where she hid his lucky Gwent cards. You’ll then be able to go and retrieve them. You’ll have to fight three grave robbers while placing his ashes to rest, then a couple of Archespores near her stash.

Go around to the back of the house and climb up the crates to enter the garden.

The cards are buried by the rose bushes, next to the gate.
Choice 2

Take Margot’s urn

If you decide to move Margot, Louis will send you to a blacksmith who owes him. The blacksmith will give you a magic steel sword to pay off his debt.

Collect your reward for solving the mystery of the nocturnal noises at the cemetery.

Go back to Lanzano and tell him the truth when he asks you about what happened. This will earn you a virtue point which you’ll need to complete the quest “There Can Be Only One”.

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  1. P
    Phillip Scott

    Went for cards and even though text says cards found and quest complete no cards actually listed as found as normal on left of screen and for life of me cant see any new cards in card list. So either totally useless double ups of crap or yet another witcher 3 glitch…oh wait its a perfect game all the glitches and clunkiness my imagination that’s right,

    1. J
      Jakub Jíra

      You´re supossed to get Barclay Els and Vampire: Bruxa. If you allready have them, you´ll not get anything – simple as that 🙂

    2. N
      Nicole Miller

      Same here; didn’t get new card notifiers nor see any new cards in my collection. 🙁

      1. A
        Alva Albeire

        Yep, also didn’t get any, no notifiers too. Just played that quest, and can confirm I haven’t got Barclay Els and Bruxa.
        Guess I’ll grab the sword and get the card from Gwent seller mod.

        1. A
          Alva Albeire

          Correction, I do have both cards, forgot to check the deck, haven’t played for awhile. Inserting them in Scoiatel Deck for Barclay Els and Monster Deck for Bruxa.
          So yeah, maybe it’s just like what Jakub Jira said, you two already got it. Cheers, everyone.

  2. K
    Kris Kurz

    I got Bruxa card, but I didn’t get Barclay Els card and I don’t have one ib my deck. How do I get that one?

  3. K
    Kris Kurz

    I got Bruxa card, but I didn’t get Barclay Els card and I don’t have one in my deck. How do I get that one?

  4. T
    Trying to help

    Maybe wrong deck, Kris? Try out the Scoiatel one, both the active cards as well as your Gwent archive on the left for Barclay Els! Good Luck

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