Turn And Face The Strange


Turn and Face The Strange is a side quest in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine that sees you explore a secret laboratory.

Key Facts

Category:Side Quest
Reward:Unlocks Mutations

Quest Text

It was a warm summer evening… or perhaps a cool yet sunny morning?
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The weather and time are of no import, what matters is that day Geralt received a letter from Yennefer, who informed him about a most unusual discovery she had recently made. She’d found mention of research conducted by a Professor Moreau on witcher mutations. It seemed this professor’s workshop could be found in Toussaint. Geralt, realizing the importance of this discovery, decided to find this laboratory. The first step would be to find the professor’s journal which, according to Yen, had been buried with him.

Starting NPC

Name: Messenger

Additional Info

The messenger will stop you in the street after you complete the Blood Run quest, and give you a letter from Yennefer. In it, she writes about a scientist who experimented with Witcher mutations. Find his laboratory and research notes to gain access to his secrets and unlock powerful Mutations.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Search for Moreau’s grave at Orlemurs Cemetery using your Witcher Senses.

The letter will tell you to go to the Mere-Lachaiselongue Cemetary, east of the city. Examine the grave at the foot of the giant tree, then use your Witcher senses.

Check the location of Naev’de on the map Yennefer sent you.

Open your inventory and under the quest log tab find the item called “Old Map of Toussaint”. Examine this item in order to complete the quest objective.

Search for the entrance to the professor’s laboratory in the flooded ruins of the Valley of the Nine.

Go into the lake to the north and swim to the ruins. Circle around them until you see a portal. Go through it.

Find a way into Professor Moreau’s laboratory.

There are several challenges you’ll have to overcome. Beware of the spike traps in the first room. A set of stairs will take you down to a room with two monsters. Jump through a hole in the floor to get into the tunnel where you’ll find professor Moreau’s journal. The next puzzle will be a room with 4 pressure plates. Use your crossbow and the Aard sign to push them. When you kill the gargoyle in the next chamber, use its hand as a key to open up the portals.

Find a path through the portals.

Go in the direction the statues are facing. You’ll have to go through three portals before you reach the lab.

Use your Witcher Senses to search the laboratory.

Inspect the playback device and play all the entries [Optional] (they are scattered across the room).

Acquire mutated giant centipede albumen.

Go into the tunnel diagonally from you and kill the Giant Centipedes.

Get undressed and activate Moreau’s contraption.

Take their eggs and place them into the machine back at the lab. Unequip everything and step into the Iron Maiden.
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