Wandering In The Dark


Wandering in the Dark is a main quest in Witcher 3. It comes right after the completion of the main quest “Hunting a Witch”.
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The cave you are about to enter is full of diagrams and alchemy formulas. IT is a dark dungeon and I recommend you always have your Witcher Senses on to discover chests and loot.

If you are passionate about collecting stuff you are going to be happy.

Key Facts

Location:Velen (No Man’s Land)
Category:Main Quest
  • 100 XP for destroying rat nests
  • 100XP for following the swallow symbols
  • 350 XP
  • Eye of Nehaleni – magical item that dispels illusions

Quest Text

Finding Ciri in Velen had proven harder than tracking a swallow on a rainy day. According to Keira, an elven mage had been tracking this particular swallow as well. Had he found her? Did he know more about her fate? Geralt knew he had to find out, and Keira, well, she had unfinished business of her own with the mage. And so the witcher and sorceress set out together on a journey into the darkness to find the mysterious elf’s underground hideout.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Follow Keira and go through portal.

The cave you are about to enter is full of diagrams and alchemy formulas. You can come back to it even after you complete the main quest in case you missed something.

Use your Witcher Senses to find Keira.

This is an extremely fun objective. Be sure to save the game at this point. You will be exploring the cave and there’s a lot of enemies here. Use Igni to destroy poison clouds. There are a few hidden treasure rooms here you can reach by using Aard on breakable parts of the wall.

One of the breakable wall sections with loot (and enemies) behind it.

Destroy the rat nests with Signs or bombs.

Once you find Keira she will be under attack by rats. You don’t need a bomb to destroy the rat’s nests. Igni sign is enough. You get 100XP as reward for completing this objective.

Explore the elven ruins and look for information about the mage.

This objective ends once you get near the holographic illusion, when the short cutscene starts.

Use your Witcher Senses to find Keira.

Explore the ruins and follow the swallow symbols.

You’ll find yourself in another large cave. There is an underwater passage that leads to a chest with loot and several wraiths guarding it. You get additional 100XP for completing this objective.

Loot from chest you can reach by diving.

Exploring around you will come across this swallow symbol and Keira should alert you to it.

Search the chamber using your Witcher Senses.

There are several signs you can examine on the walls o this chamber. Each of them is a trap (both the dog and the and the sea monster). When you activate you’ll get damaged and attacked by some dopplers, so be at full health. This will, however progress the quest to the next objective.

Use your Witcher Sense to find something associated with Ciri’s horse Kelpie.

You want to jump down into the water and if you examine the well you’ll see a horse sign there. Dive and get to through the underwater passage to the other side where you’ll find another horse sign and finish this objective.

Rejoin, Explore and enter the portal with Keira.

Examine the sign next to the door to open the portal.

Fight the guardian.

This is a rather tough enemy. Be sure not to let him hit you, because it really damages your health. Try to hit him two times with the sword and dodge away. He can charge at you so be prepared for that. If he goes into a defensive stance hitting him frontally will just stun you so go behind him for a few critical strikes. You can also use Axii on him to stun him for a free hit from behind. Rinse and repeat.

Continue exploring the ruins and follow the swallow symbols.

Within this area you can find a hidden room with a level 6 Gargoyle. It guards a chest with lots of diagrams.

Enter the portal and follow the Wild Hunt’s warriors.

Keep close to Keira and stay under her magic shield.

While trying to kill creatures that emerge from the rift, stay inside the magic shield. The final portal is the toughest one. Enemies will go for Keira right away. Use Igni because the dogs seem to be susceptible to fire damage.

Follow Keira and chase the Wild Hunt’s warriors.

Just follow the path and loot along the way. As you reach the big chamber with the Wild Hunt warrior, don’t jump down straight away. There is a hidden, breakable, wall with a loot chest behind.

Fight the Wild Hunt warrior.

Wild Hunt warrior Nithral can be hard to defeat. The easiest way for me to defeat him was the move where I dodge toward him and slice him with two sword attacks and then move away. At one point he goes toward the center of the room and summons enemies that come from the nearby portal. Kill the enemies and wait for his portal to fade away.

Look for information about Ciri using your Witcher Senses.

This objective ends once you examine the nearby stone door. It is also the moment where you receive a very important item – “The Eye of Nehaleni”. You should also have your Witcher Senses on all the time and examine and loot every item there. There is also a breakable wall in this big room with some goodies.

Use the Eye of Nehaleni to dispel the illusion.

Once you get this item, turn back and enter the hidden room. This room has an illusionary wall that hides a location with various treasures.

Follow Keira.

Choose the first option if you want to have a romantic encounter with Keira.
Choice 1

Fine. I’ll help.

This choice gives you the the quest “Magic Lamp” automatically. It guides you through the same quest and makes life a bit easier.
Choice 2

I’m going straight to the Bog.

This choice, however, doesn’t give you the quest “Magic Lamp” automatically. You can still do it if you go to Keira, who is located nearby and complete the quest by solving the lamp riddle.
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