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Winter Cherry is a rare plant you can use to transmute mutagens in Witcher 3. It’s a small, round fruit, coming from a plant with red flowers growing directly from the stalk. It made its first appearance in Blood and Wine, and it can help you turn blue and green ones into red mutagens. It’s very rare, so you’d best snatch it whenever you have a chance. In this guide, we are going to show you Winter Cherry locations in Witcher 3.

winter cherry witcher 3
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Winter Cherry Location

We aren’t aware of any instances of Winter Cherry growing in the wild. Thankfully, you can grow it in your garden at Geralt’s vineyard. All you need to do is buy some essential upgrades and you’ll be ready to go. Here are the ones you need:
  • Estate renovations – 5000 crowns
  • Garden – 2000 crowns
You’ll get a nice little greenhouse along with the garden, and that’s where the Winter Cherry fruit can be found. When you arrive at the estate, go under the woooden arches then right. Cross the stream and look for a building enveloped in flowers, right next to the garden.

There are only four bushes growing at Corvo Bianco, but the fruit will grow again if you give it time. If you’re in a hurry, you can meditate until it shows up again (although you might have to leave first). Make a point out of collecting Winter Cherries every time when you’re at your home base, and you’ll have no shortage once you really do need them.

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  1. A

    how long does it take for it to grow again , i meditated for 14 days and nothing yet , did it in the palace btw

  2. S

    go to the different map and meditate few days, then come back. That usually works for me.

  3. A

    I have come across a location in the wild but, before you get your hopes up, it’s unpickable for some reason. If you clear the abandoned site in the wooded area between Trading Post and Dulcinea Mill and then walk past the wagon at the north end of the camp that appears there, you will find it on your left along with another of the rare herbs. It glows when you use witcher sense but you can’t interact with it unfortunately.

  4. K
    Kit Carson

    I assume this is a deliberate action on the part of the game developer. I know that if you waste time farming Red Mutagens while in Blood and Wine such as killing Centipedes that when you start a NG+ they take them away from you. Yep……no Mutagens go with you into new game plus, they take them .

    So I assume they do not wish you to stockpile these plants so you can build up the Mutagen skill tree as you play the new game..

    It is my opinion that they deliberately nerfed this so you cannot stockpile winter cherry and use it in new game as you gain enough skill point to combine with the mutagens to fill out the mutation tree.

    Yep…….devious they are. And I think deliberate.


    1. 4

      I wish I would have known to farm red & blue mutagens when i first started the game smh. But anywho…I did not find out until about level 35 that when you loot any monsters nest, if you leave one of the items (so leave whatever brings in less coin of course) in the monsters nest, then turn around walk a few steps away and meditate for 5 days the nest will be replinshed of the exact same items from before and sometimes they even will give you an extra on one of the items ?

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